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Mondstille - Seelenwund

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-08

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Der Stille Mond, Seelenwund

After releasing "Am Ende..." back in 2008 , the Austrian avant-garde Black Metal group, Mondstille have just release their second album, "Seelenwund.” From the first note, I could tell that this would be the best self-release I will ever hear in my life. The album resembles the sound of demons screaming while slowly being sucked into a black hole. The music here is, in a way, Post-Black Metal but, unlike other bands , Mondstille is still capable of creating brilliant and atmospheric pieces as they alternate between melodic riffs, the best for creating this outfit is pummeling avant-garde Black Metal. 


This album begins with a beautiful, dramatic track accompanied by a sample from a movie. I can't recognize which movie but the scene was a man telling a woman, who accuses him of blasphemy, his unforgiving thoughts without reservation. Before the drums enter, the track ends in a feverishly spoken passage. Then, a lone distorted and high-pitched guitar is heard, the violin also enters and, appearing suddenly were the drums, organs and disturbing guttural rasps. The fury is unleashed, and we are immediately transported into a furnace of lust; a nightmarish lust that burns and scorches inside like a venereal disease. 


"Zeitenwandrer" and "Die Seele Frei" are two tracks about very different stories, two souls trip into wounds, it’s hard to remain impervious to the sheer amount of energy displayed here, with an accumulated 12 minutes of claustrophobic and dissonant Black Metal that embraces atmospheric passages and avant-garde leanings by the vocalist’s strange, stuttering moans of agony. The next couple of songs take the album into a higher dimension of sound, encompassing until the sixth track, "Flammend". 


The seventh track, "Sehnsucht versus Leben" starts with masterful acoustic guitars covered by amazing violins, and as the perfection of experience continues -- a blend of pleasure, bitterness and morbid fascination numbs the senses of the listener and forces him to wonder whether it will stop and if he truly wants it to stop. All of it is so disturbing and yet compelling. The drums here go really wild and are kept in a high tempo, here you will have the expectations of grief riddled moans of suffering. 


The expert use of atmospheric elements, electronic noises and spoken vocals in the eighth track, "Ich, der Pan,” created an incredible atmosphere of blindingly bright dread. Occasional electronic interludes also added another layer of compositional complexity to each track and helped each song feel like a complete journey through a fully realized concept. 


"Der Stille Mond," contains fast, furious and desperate, harsh sneers of bass guitar, sewage and streams of bloodletting guitar lines, and perky synthesizers. If we must say a words here, then it is in thanks to the main guest of this album, cellist Anna for the emotional side of the album. She also contributes to a major part in the next track, "Seelenwund." As with all the other instruments the violin, piano, drums and guitars here are mastery played -- maybe that is a little unfair as it's the violinist and cellist who steal the limelight and set this album above it's contemporaries. The riffs played in the track, "Träumers Flucht" is at times, jaw dropping and, the more acoustic parts display just how talented these guys are as well as the amazing drum techniques followed by crisp vocals. 


The last show of the outfit placed Mr. Ludwig (the violin and piano player) in the highest regard. This track will take you to another world and is perfectly touched-up by Anna's cello. This instrumental track represent the band, as it really is moon silent. 


In the end, all I can say is that for every Black Metal fan, this album is recommended as shit and I really wish to hear another masterpieces from Mondstille. 


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