JorZine - Episode 13 - Death Reclaims The Earth

Episode 13 - Death Reclaims The Earth

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Nadia Shehadeh - 2012-08-08

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Ignorance is Bliss, Worthless, Physical Comatose

Episode 13 – to be honest, this band's name until now meant nothing to me, I never heard of them before, but they published an EP ("Death Reclaims THE EARTH"), which is worth listening to: 39 minutes of solid music, in this case, from the melodic black metal tray. 


A first glance gives information about the quartet: Originating in Turkey, founded in 2001, and “Death reclaims THE EARTH” is their third album. The whole band blends very well with front man, Ozan Akyol, and my ears say immediately note: Here you have something which was designed really intelligently. 


The EP comes along with seven songs, and yes, all in all I have to say, with a sympathetic old-school touch. Maybe not on the same line with Cradle of Filth or Opeth, but comparable to Samael maybe (which I say as a big compliment), but you may correct me, because I´m just talking about my first impression. One can listen online to the EP or download it for free, or you can even buy it if I´m correct (which is not the worst investment), and if I would be forced to nominate my favorite tracks, I would choose “Ignorance is Bliss”, “Worthless” and “Physical Comatose & Mental Overdose”. 


All in all, "Death Reclaims THE EARTH" comes off a little dark, sustaining, and doesn't rely only on high-speed, surely a matter of taste, but I think it`s really good. Typical tomb songs, but all tracks are supporting, to build and createan atmosphere that transcends the typical “dark mood”. The production fits well with the sound and mood of the music; although sometimes while listening I was thikning, “bring out the bass a little!” Definitely, this piece is not the reinvention of melodic black metal, but it's good and interesting in any case. The songs are varied, and, as I said, very dark, all is focused on the mood of the songs, and the atmosphere can build up and develop. 


So, my conclusion, without any exotic bonus: The powerful sound-garment wears his part in contributing to a 39-minute thoroughly wholesome slice of catchy black metal. No surprises, no over-production, and yes, sometimes it sounds like a washing machine running in the basement, but listen to it and you will have fun. 


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