JorZine - Crescent Moon - The Wall Of Light

Crescent Moon - The Wall Of Light

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Guest Reviewer: Oaken - 2012-08-08

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Alleys Of Negation

Farewell. You have been left alone to rot in this darkened cellar. Hope is no more. You will die soon. Suddenly, a discordant melody sounds from somewhere not so far. A faint spark of light flickers afterward. You run towards it, but you never seem to get any closer. Ever. 


No, guys, this isn't Esoteric, it's Crescent Moon's debut EP, “The Wall of Light”. This Syrian band was founded in Aleppo by Besher and Ahmad in 2009, and it's really obvious that they have worked hard since then. “The Wall of Light” opens up with a monolithic, 9 minute long track. The song kicks off the EP with a mid-tempo doom riff, and then pushes us into a vortex of Blackened Death/Doom. The tremolo-picked melodies are devastating, discordant and, at times, oriental, blending in well with Ahmad's awe-inducing drum beats. Besher is a beast behind the mic; those growls of his are spine-tingling. Underneath all of this chaotic magnificence, Demon of Darkness's bass lines never stop rumbling. The general mix is quite impressive, aided by the world-class production. 


On the "atmospheric" side of things, “The Wall of Light” gets the job done. The music is saturated with melancholy and sadness. Depression can be heard everywhere; after all, this is Doom Metal. The rhythm guitar delivers some crushing chords, and the vocals are brutally maddening. Near the end of Alleys Of Negation, there is a 2 minute clean passage that conjures an eerie sound scape. It is quite reminiscent of Ahab's clean parts (which rule, BTW!). So, congratulations Crescent Moon. If you intended to crush us with these sullen compositions, then you have succeeded. Brilliantly. 


While Crescent Moon's, “The Wall of Light” is only 18 minutes long, it provides a lot more than that. It is definitely one of the best Arabian records this year, and worthy of mentioning among the other bands of the global Doom Metal scene. Finally, I'd like to recommend this to y'all, and: watch out Esoteric. Looks like there are some Doom-ies who are sadder than you.


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