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Hard Desire - Hard Desire

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Nermin Habib - 2012-08-15

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Bring All the Life, Change of Way

It's extremely rare when I can honestly say that a band has truly given me faith that there are still musicians out there who embody the essence of what music is about: passion, charisma, talent and, perseverance. Hard Desire has done just that. Their debut, self-entitled album contains 8 tracks of unrelenting affirmations of their ability to play on any spectrum of Rock, Blues, and Heavy Metal – there really is no way to pinpoint exactly what genre their loyalties lay. 


From the beginning of this album, “New Star”, Hard Desire makes it abundantly clear that, untainted, aggressive Rock 'n' Roll is not dead and that they are it's revival. The track starts with something like a fade out to a nostalgic moment, then, a keyboard introduction akin to the welcoming of a powerhouse band to a sold-out arena. What ensues can only be described as awe-inspiring, guitarists, Pedro Fialho and Felipe Rosa are incredible, vocalist, Dê Monteiro doesn't just sing, he explodes, he makes sure that everyone listening knows exactly just what he's talking about – and I loved every second of it. 


Second track, “Bring All the Life” is Blues in nature, from the pop-and-slap bassline of, Thiago Fernandes, to the long drag of the cigarette after the solo. This track concentrated more on the instruments rather than on Monterio's vocals and stood out for it. “Up & Down” can probably be considered as my favorite track, the opening scene of the track completely sets the mood of a rampant car chase and raises adrenaline levels to new heights. Drummer, Douglas Gomes takes center stage here and utterly obliterates the idea that this is just a regular Rock song. 


Fourth track is an unconventional ballad, “Fire”. It's different in the sense that it does not rely on keyboards to set the “romantic” mood, instead, it utilizes Monterio's vocal talents as he croons a good minute without much instrumental interference. As soon as the song gains memento, the addition of another vocal line complements the entire feel of the track, bringing it around to full circle. 


“Gonna Dance” is the fifth and most distinctive track, it showcases the same aggressive vocal style as “New Star” but carries with it more grit, the guitars are also more heavily distorted and are decidedly more riff-oriented without losing technicality. The track is upbeat and advocates the “fuck it all” attitude that modern bands have long since forgot. With lyrics such as: “I think I'm gonna dance / Who cares about romance”, what's there not to love? Tracks, “Drink Me” and “Change of Way” both carry with them a more Bluesy feeling, “Change of Way” having a faster tempo and more guitar work. 


The final track, “The Hidden Truth” is a 10 minute track that starts off with a philosophical monologue, the words hold true and is worthy of such a title. This track literally seals Hard Desire as a group with a deeper meaning and a depth that can only be discovered through their music. Although it is close to impossible to conjure that 80's feel into tangibility, Hard Desire have seemingly done the impossible and restored music to the passion and attitude of those times.


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