JorZine - Agnostic - Morbid Embracement

Agnostic - Morbid Embracement

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Sarthak Kulshrestha - 2012-08-08

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  Psychotic Mission Of Death, Beneath The Frozen Depth

Doesn’t matter if you can cram as much as sweep picking or fast guitar solos into every song or play blast beats at 240,if your band isn’t kickass, nobody is going to give a shit about you. And seems likeAgnostic has taken care of all this in their work ,Morbid Embracement.  This is well-written, well-played death metal with modern (w/o sounding overly slick ,mind) production values and a masterful balance of catchiness and brutality ,just the sort of swift kick in the ass the Indian Metal Scene so desperately needs right now. 


First the production is pretty good, nothing more, nothing less. The guitars, I feel could be a lil bit heavier and crunchy but then again a lot of the riffs are crazy fast so I guess they sound good. The drums are intense, precise, and tightly mixed. The fills are neat  and the mixing of the drums gives you a good feel of each piece of the kit. The bass is flawless.  And the vocals are also absolutely spot-on. Now the album art is good too. At first glance it looks like a classic death metal album (a good one at that, the art looks very professional). 


Coming off to music, “Psychotic Mission Of Death” is a great way to start the album and it is really one of the most favorable tracks of mine. “One Final Mutilation” is a fast-paced track with some top-notch old school death metal riffs and insane drumming. Up next ,“Submerge In Gore” is another killer track and again it has a ferocious pace and busy skull crushing rhythm!!! And it’s “Acrisia”…!!!My favorite track from this record which has an amazing intro and is kind a catchy, however, the title track “Morbid Embracement” disappointed me(for reason, refer to Hammer Smashed Face by Cannibal Corpse). “Blood Ridden Epitaph” has some chugging riffs but the chorus is too drawn out and it just doesn’t go well. It is also felt a bit repetitive.“Maggot Infest” is probably the most brutal of them all and is an amazing song from the start to finish. The last track “Beneath The Frozen Depth” is pretty much cleaner than the rest of the tracks summing up the record on a decent note.(leaving me begging for more!! :p) 


What Agnostic is doing isn’t terribly special, in the sense that they haven’t broken new ground, but they’ve made an exciting, “accessible” and promising record that might turn a few heads without snapping any necks. I highly recommend this album to any death metal fan, old school or modern and those who claim to dislike this record should be ignored. \m/ 


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