JorZine - Shining - Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt

Shining - Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt

Label: Spinefarm Records

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-09

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7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 7/10

Highlights:  For My Demons

Its nothing to hide, that the Swedish black metalers Shining, fronted by the legendary vocalist Niklas Kvarforth, had started to take a new turn in the way they are presenting themselves to the public, since their last album, VII - Född Förlorare, and took closer steps to the mainstream, of metal community of course. The band made their first "infamous" video clip ever for the song "Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel", and released it as thier first single ever too, which had a cover for Alice Cooper classic "Prince of Darkness" as a B-Side. 


The new EP, Lots Of Girls Gonna Get Hurt,  doesn't fall far from this approach, four cover songs, for 3 rock bands, and another one was metal in their early days, but then turned into Dark Rock; Katatonia, which their song For My Demons, from 1999 album Tonight's Decision, opening the EP, and as everybody had heard the song when its officially released few days ago for streaming, its straight forward cover, nothing new been added by Shining. And this continues as for the other songs, which comes by less known bands for the world wide metal community, Two Swedish songs "Utan Dina Andetag" and "Kung Av Jidder", by the bands Kent and Imperiet, respectively, and "Carnival Of Rust" from the Finnish rockers Poets of the Fall , who are relatively more known, mostly to the gamers, since the band had been featured heavily in the 2010 hit game, Alan Wake.


What I don't like about this EP, that as opposite to their Alice Cooper cover, Shining didn't try to add any single touch of their sound into these tracks, it's just straight forward covers, may be little heavier than original, but hey, it would be more fucking interesting if at least Kvarforth tried to sing them in his black metal voice, or at least make the riffs sound little more black-ish.


Still, the best thing about this release, its Kvarforth vocals!, its the only thing interesting here, he had showed you that he can sing clean stuff, and sing them very well. Apart from that, everything else is just normal; meaning, if you are not a diehard fan of Shining, you aint gona miss a lot here, if you are new to Shining, this is absolutely not where to start, since its have nothing to do with what Shining is all about, but if you are fan of one of the bands they are covering, may be its interesting for you to give it a listen and after it, you will start explore Shining earlier masterpieces.


Still looking forward for the VIII album, and for a good meal packed with black metal grimness. 


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