JorZine - Brood Of Hatred - New Order Of Intelligence

Brood Of Hatred - New Order Of Intelligence

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-09

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  The Mind that Emerged, Terminal velocity

Brood Of Hatred is a Tunisian Death Metal act founded in 2010 by vocalist, Mohamed Melki. The band has release their debut EP, "New Order Of Intelligence", listening to the album gave me the feeling of brutality, an old school burberry replica bags theme that the band took as theirs. With a formidable ability concerning the penning of the lyrical theme, my respect goes to Mr. Nidhal Selmi who work with the band in the writing process. 


Moving to the album, it starts with the track, "Deconstruction.” The song features Fedor Souissi vocalist and guitarist of the Progressive Death Metal band, Vielikan. The track is straight to the point and without frills, the band composed a form of Atmospheric Death Metal that is unashamedly built on the foundation cartier replica bag set by Middle Eastern talents and uses a very similar tonal structure and approach of mid-tempo Death Metal.


Second track in the EP is titled, "The Mind that Emerged". It is built around its own unique guitar riffs and passages that never cause a dull moment during the play time. The instruments are far less distracting than expected, hermes replica bags this has interfered with the overall enjoyment of the tape. Guitars here are nice, thick and very reminiscentlouis vuitton replica bag of the work of old-school Death Metal acts. 


The EP delivers a constant rush of melodic prada replica handbags riffs and haunting vocals in track three, "Terminal velocity.” Again, the guitars are classic, textbook old school Death with more Progressive elements. The catchy, speedy riffs is a definite nod to the Swedish style in my mind. One thing that surprised me though, replica bally was the effective use keyboards. The ghostly chords are perfectly implemented among the guitar work and creates an almost symbiotic, ethereal effect. Drums played in this track are how they should exactly be, a truly a high performance song. 


"Technological Genocide”, takes the epic route and compresses all of the band’s atmospheric and extreme influences into louis vuitton epi replica bag one, four minute glory fest of darkness and despair. Almost like the final scene of an interplanetary battle before the losing side’s planet is utterly wiped out. 


For me, this EP really accents the electronic musical tendencies of this band and merges them with an assortment of punishing, louis vuitton replica chug of riffs and aggravated shouts. I am anxiously awaiting the band's next album, which I've heard is going to be produced with a prominent Metal icon. Believe me, you should give this EP a listening to if you're fan of pure, Death Metal groups. I think you'll enjoy it. 


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