JorZine - Theudho - When Ice Crowns the Earth

Theudho - When Ice Crowns the Earth

Label: Aurora Australis Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-02

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8/10 8/10 7.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Heracleidae, The Straw Death

The amount of the black metal acts are growing rapidly these days, especially the bands that try to stick the pagan and folk concrete within the structure of the compositions, but many of them fail to build original touches with creative harmonization with balanced atoms. But the Belgian group "Theudho" finally quenched my thirst after months of searching, and here I put my hand on their latest full-length album "When Ice Crowns the Earth". 


The album has been released by "Aurora Australis Records", and it summon all the charming elements of the black metal realm and collide them with a high wave of pagan\thrash influences and riffing, the way the melodies flow grimly along the surface of the pagan spirit made this album more memorable, and it also made every track spectacular and full of pagan-polytheistic spices. More than 40 minutes of roaring natural pagan grimness are floating here, every single minute in this record is worthy listening because of the huge gravity and efforts that has been done while invoking-creating the tracks. 



Some brutal riffs in this album have been done professionally, the irritation of the guitars in the tracks "War Into the World" and "The Straw Death" for example  are angry enough to turn your skin red after listening to them, and some solos have been created just to slave your sanity, like the solos of the tracks "The Second Coming" and "Nidr ok Nordr", the magic of the acoustic guitar shreds have been cast all over the tracks like a majestic bewitching spell, some hard drum-beats and bass-lines blow so much energy and strength, especially the tracks "Heracleidae" and "The Straw Death". Some samples and pagan\folkish instruments entered the weather of the record to create such a perfect heathen and pagan world within the melodies of the riffs, like the intro of the track "Heracleidae" and "Nidr ok Nordr", and the samples in the middle of the track "The Second Coming", all these blasting components are gathered flawlessly to make the chemical structure of the record original and full of absolute aggression. 


The production is coldly tough, the genius touches of Dan Swano (Mastering) just added more blowing melodic hostility to the recording, the vocals formed a weird spellbinding environment full of witchery and diabolism, and the effects that had been used on the vocals gave them more depth and intensity, but my only complain about this album is the technique that has been used in the vocals, using more varied styles and more crispy and screamy vocals would give more vital existence in this record. You will totally get lost between the influences of this record, to sum it all up I have to say that this album simply contains all the interesting creativity factors of the extreme metal music, if you are a fan of Bathory, then this album will blow your mind ! 


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