JorZine - Devilish Impressions - Simulacra

Devilish Impressions - Simulacra

Label: Icaros Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-07

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9/10 9.5/10 9/10 9.5/10 9/10

Highlights:  Most Of The Tracks Are Highlights

It would take a hundred years for me to describe the genius music that has been created by "Devilish Impressions" in their third full-length album "Simulacra", though I really like the previous albums (Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon and  Plurima Mortis Imago), but I can easily decide that (Simulacra) is the best release for the band so far. Every album for this band is a total different world than the previous one, the components of black metal mechanism and the symphonic joints are welded together to create a huge phenomenal record!

"You dreamt a dream of having wings,
So you could fly above all men,
So you could reach the sun and the moon,
Never look back, Not down at the earth".


Actually this is absolutely correct, Simulacra is a 39 minutes dream that can grant you wings to fly above all the music that you've ever listened, a dream where you can lose yourself easily in the extreme black metal thoughts and the orchestral obsession. Nine tracks of non-stopping volcanic riffs and blowing symphonic anger must be sending shivers down the spine of your library, giving this record only two spins is enough to consider it one of the best extreme metal albums of all time. The artwork is also very remarkable, it shows a frozen statue of a dark-winged devil and another statue for a bright-winged angel, both are standing still on a tainted ground of a big cathedral hall.


The album open its doors with the track Icaros, the song contains many influential riffs and biotic drum-beats and orchestral breezes, "Quazarre" also managed to use his infernal clean vocals and his demonic throat to give the lyrics more vital existence. The track "Legion of chaos" is a unique piece of art where (Icanraz) on drums exerted his best to suck your attention to this hellish death\black metal black hole. The third track "Lilith" is my favorite piece in this record, the using of the clean vocals alongside the crispy black metal vocals gave this song more sharpness and coarseness, and the perfect ending acoustic guitar outro of the track has been done by "Roman Berenicki". The track "Fear no gods" is a fierce and ferocious black\death metal track that has many great influences and technical radical performance, (Vraath) on bass and (Quazarre and Armers) On guitars made this track the most sledgehammer meal in this record.


The track "The scream of the lambs" reminds me a lot of the previous album (Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon) because it has the same smell and structure, and even the same drumming technique, its a very wonderful track and it has many tides and reflows. The sixth track "Spiritual blackout" began with devilish spoken vocals and orchestral dusky atmosphere, about half of the lyrics is taken from the British poet George Gordon Byron. The seventh track "Vi veri vniversum vivus  vivi" is influenced by the American author (Edgar Allan Poe), especially by the amazing poem (The Coliseum), musically the song leaned on the symphonic death metal side and it reminds me a lot of the very successful release (The Great Mass) for the symphonic death metal band (Septic Flesh), an amazing solo has been done by Jacek Grecki (The guitarist of the Polish technical death metal band Lost Souls) in the middle of the track. The track "The last farewell" is a great mixture where all the previous and the new works of the band have been melted together, its (Diabolicanos - Act III: Armageddon) and (Plurima Mortis Imago) in the golden plate of (Simulacra). And finally the album close its curtains with the amazing instrumental track "Solitude", I guess nothing can describe the instrumental better than (this is definitely one of the best instrumental tracks of the year).


Many guests have been featured in this record to help the band with the samples and the orchestral elements, such as Lestath (from the Polish avant-grade metal band StrommoussHeld), and Flumen (who is also known as Wojtek Kostrzewa, the keyboardist of the Polish metal band Asgaard). The production is crystallized and fierce, which can fit the components of the recording without flaws, If you are searching for perfect black\death metal meal with symphonic and orchestral elements, and if you are a fan of the Polish acts (Behemoth, Vesania) and you wish to mix these two amazing bands together in one orchestral dish, the result will fascinating, the result will be (Simulacra).



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