JorZine - Asgaard - Stairs to Nowhere

Asgaard - Stairs to Nowhere

Label: Icaros Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-08

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9/10 8.5/10 9/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Cry of Moribund Butterflies, Labyrinth

When I first start listening to the album "Stairs to Nowhere" I was really amazed and astonished by the size of splendor and magnificence of the performance. Hetzer,Flumen and Quazarre are managed to cook a distinguished release that gathers the scraps of gothic and doom and black metal all together and to mix them all in one sandwich, Quazarre (who is also the vocalist of Devilish Impressions) and Flumen (who is also took care of the Orchestration part in the new Devilish Impressions new album Simulacra) are having a really great musical year because of the great touches they made to the Polish extreme metal scene, but in this record they did something really different than the new Devilish Impressions album. 


The band have tried to run away from the traditional extreme metal music since the creation of this band, and after about five full-length albums they still have the will to run farther and farther with the amazing record "Stairs to Nowhere", 2012 is a very successful year for this band because the echoes of their talented releases are reaching the other side of the world, about forty minutes of singularity and cleverness have been born from the womb of their minds. 



The transgressive post-metal atmosphere that they reach in this album gave this band more uniqueness and discernment, every track in this record has nothing to do with the others, there are many extreme tracks like (of Pawn and King) and (Marionettes), and many charming tracks with orchestral spirit like (Cry of Moribund Butterflies) and (Within the Eyes of Angels), and there are many majestic weird melodies in the tracks (Labyrinth) and (Irradiance) which has some high pitch vocals that reminds me a lot of the old school vocals style.


The production of the album is really impressive, the sunk royal tune of the lead guitars and the manifest ingenious drums beats (especially in the track Labyrinth and Cry of Moribund Butterflies) made the whole sound liquid and easy to swallow. the track (Stairs to Nowhere) is my personal favorite track in this record because of the talented vocalist "Quazarre" who used a great compilation of his throat abilities, even the lyrics of the track made my day and made this track a real unforgettable piece of art, the lyrics for the track (Cry of Moribund Butterflies) are also very deep and marvelous.


"These are the stairs to nowhere,Leading me astray,These are the stairs to nowhere, The end is so far away."


There are no enough words or even letters to describe the superiority of this record, especially the unusual chord progressions and the narcotic bass sounds and the beauty of the vocals, I recommend this release for all the fans who are into unusual metal bands and for the people who try to search for some unique metal talent, "Stairs To Nowhere" will lead you astray!


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