JorZine - Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion

Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion

Label: Roadrunner Records

Reviewer: Guest Reviewer: Waseem EsSayed - 2012-08-01

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  Drag Ropes, Hag

I’ve never written a review before, as far as I remember I’ve been listening to (and enjoying) music created by brilliant artists from different genres for almost 20 years now, being a musician myself I even have my own releases to worry about, but this album, it just gave me this very new feeling that made me want to tell the whole world about it.



A joint contribution of the respectful Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt, two of my top three most favorite artists from the last couple of decades, very well-known for being on the list of the most creative and successful musicians and vocalists for the past few years, at least in the world of rock and metal music. Even though they worked together before in different occasions but finally they’ve done something with full focus, only them, and this is not about rock and metal anymore, it’s rather about music, I have to say they were right when they said it will be nothing near expectations.

If I was a psychiatrist I would actually write a prescription of this self-titled epic to patients as I believe it could cure some problems, it gets so deep into you to make you feel and realize new things, discover areas in music that you’ve never been to before. I’m happy that it’s not only me, but also a couple of my friends gave me the same feedback that when you listen to it for some time and understand it you lose interest in listening to anything else!

Demonstrating the abilities they set you up with “Drag Ropes” as a dark entrance to this realm describing a sad emotional story – check the music video – encapsulating you in this out-of-this-world atmosphere for almost 10 minutes to make sure that you’re ready to carry on the trip, extremely distinctive guitars and vocals to wake up at the end and say “oh my god!”.

Then starts the title track which also clocks a bit over 10 minutes, with a gentle classic guitar theme and Wilson’s magnificent calm voice, as it takes you to a ride across this place you got into while being slightly depressed, but this feeling grows into some sort of dialogue between your existence in their world and your real one. “Hag”, is when you know that you’ve decided to stay, complete darkness for around 6.5 minutes, it has some of the greatest guitars and piano tunes I’ve ever heard, not to mention again the brilliant vocals. It takes you to the peak of darkness and fear.

I was wondering how come they gave “Happy” as the title for the fourth track, but now the way I see it is that at that point you’re actually so into the mood and you accept it and you feel relaxed and comfortable and you just enjoy the artistic fellowship of the human voice and guitars. Follows, the instrumental “Lock Howl” as you start feeling in control of yourself inside that realm and you’re eager to exercise this control over your territory, setting you on the track of development and operation.

Darkness and disruption isn’t the key, GOOD THINGS SHOULD SHINE FROM YOU, this is what I get from the closing (and my favorite) track “Ljudet Innan” describing it more would actually decrease the importance of this sentence, but I can add that this is when your reference in the real world gives you hand and asks you to come back and shine. Fabulous voices from both Wilson and Åkerfeldt and an extremely meaningful music around the end to set you free with good intentions.

Technically speaking, this album includes a complicated mix of guitars, piano and keys, vocals, and smooth percussion, represented in a calm atmospheric outfit with a bit of background orchestration. It was produced by both artists and mixed by Wilson, the result is stunning!

At the end I can say, if you’re a deep person who likes to sit down and think across the many dimensions which define our existence, don’t waste a minute to grab your copy!


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