JorZine - Goatpsalm - Erset La Tari

Goatpsalm - Erset La Tari

Label: Aesthetic Death

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-09

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Highlights:  Most Of The EP Sounds Similar

I've been always fascinated by the Sumerian and the Babylonian cultures, and I feel easily in love with any musical band tries to materialize these ancient cultures, they've always caught my attention with their superb civilizations, that's one of the reasons why I adore Melechesh (the Israeli black\thrash metal band) and Behemoth (the Polish blackened death metal band) and their admirable music, and today I've been also introduced to one of the creepiest band's on earth that sings about the Babylonian world, and here I am talking about the Russian band Goatpsalm. 



The band released their second full-length album Erset La Tari, and they describe their musical genre as Lo-fi black metal/death industrial ambient, and this is actually one of the most frightening genres I've ever been introduced to, a wide field of ambient drizzle and confined tunnels of industrial noise. Shattered throaty vocals are distributed through the tracks and so many percussion sections appear suddenly behind the wall of noise to stain the whole sound with obscure and undefined feelings, and all these undefined feelings are clear in the first track of this record. The second track (Bab Illu) is the shortest track in this record, its an extraordinary instrumental where ancient sound is mixed with oriental feelings, similar to the tracks that has been created by the American legend musician Karl Sanders (Of Nile).


The last track (Under The Trident Of Ramanu) goes on the same pattern of the first track, but this time with more atmospheric environment, and for the first time I can hear a playing riff with vital drumming in this record, many throaty and growling vocals also are included and float on the barrier of the rhythm guitar noise, the quality of the total sound is grim and tight, though many people would hate such productions but I guess it fits the music and the result is evil and worshipful.


I really liked the artwork and the booklet of this record, the artwork contains the Babylonian god Tiamat, and he's holding weapons with his two hands, and an ancient building in the background, I guess its The Great Ziggurat of Ur. (a Sumerian temple), the booklet contained many pictures of ancient Babylonian marbles, mixed with the members of the band, the whole artwork is just interesting. 


Overall, this is not a typical black metal release, so If you are prepared to hear killing riffs and some blastbeats then you have to go away from here, many people would consider this album annoying and boring, but also many people will consider this record superb and special. If you are searching for something majestic and extraordinary, then you have to check this album now.


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