JorZine - The Burning 2 Concert

The Burning 2 Concert

Label: Imagination Jordan

Reviewer: Mujtaba, Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-03

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was interesting

The Burning 2 is one of  Imagination Jordan event, a chance for many of the country's metalheads , bands member , promoters and media to attend panels. As a JorZine members it's obviously hard to get a handle on all events on Jordan , however, is an encouraging sign that there is some hands who still want to work for the local scene. Like nearly any gathering like this, though, it's more about the conversations had outside of the conference hall—and, in bringing together some of metal and rock music people, it makes those conversations all the more important, after getting an amazing hand from the organizers to do our work as good as we can, it was really a pretty evening at Rainbow Theater.

The Tent {By Mujtaba M Badr}


When I attended this event, my mind and soul were prepared for something heavy, Exile, Atomos and Eternal Maze, I knew there was another opening band, but before this event I never heard of them or saw them live before. They took the stage and introduced as "Theatrical Rock", a weird description that increase my curiosity for them, and just few seconds after they started playing their first song, I realized am listening to one of the best new Jordanian rock bands, yes folks, you heard me , and I should be the one who review them. From their Vocalist/Guitarist Adnan Bushnaq psychedelic approach in singing and playing, to Baha Lahham "emotional" drumming, and with that comes Kosei Takeddin great bass lines, and astonishing leads by Rami Khoury. Long story short, this band had dropped from the 60's and 70's planet, and they will take you through the best progressive/psychedelic/space/anything-great-rock, looking forward to catch them live again, and most importantly their debut album, which is under way of making.



Atomos { By Rak Hiasat } 


More extreme you want , more extreme you get. I sure that was Atomos first idea when they get to the stage , hitting the audience with some progressive death melodies , melodies make head get in circles . the band performance was really well done instrumentally the songs were shown to me as its must be played , and here I must say that we notice a good work from sound engineers, the event was taking another road for Atomos Its was the newer album release for the guys, and am sure its goes really well.


Atomos Track List :
Seal of Solomon
Mazen Ayoub Drum solo
Fouad Azar Bass solo
Dimensions in dementia



Exile { By Rak Hiasat }


After taking a pure progressive dinner , it's time to get more thrashy outstanding dessert. It’s the time when Nader vocalist of Exile get into the stage to start his show, and I knew that they going to broke my neck after hearing the screams from the all fans on the theater, showing some old originals and some hits from the upcoming album, Another advantage over Exile show is how great the songs structure is. Three dudes in that, No problem when each song ride is less than five minutes.

Exile Track List :

Intro forthcoming of terror
Living hell
Absolute evil
Sickening creature
Killing storm
Suspended society-mutilated variety
Dead thrashers rising



Eternal Maze { By Rak Hiasat }


For The Finals Musical Words, Where Its gathered all the events main talents, Eternal Maze main goal was to kill the people on the event , and I was one of these minds who get into the technical progressive music magic, especially for drum & lead guitars, among other all songs it very much feels like a place that is still building an infrastructure to support emerging talents in the same way as it does to shine.


Eternal Maze Track List :

Time Machine
Escaping reaper
Sweating bullets (Megadeth cover)
Human behavior
Medieval madness
Anas and nader solo part



If you like a specific genre of death/thrash music, there was never a question where you might end up on that night. And  to be perfectly frank, there wasn't really other event to attend but anyway I weren’t going to let all these talents to play with me banging my head on their music.


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