JorZine - Waning - The Human Condition

Waning - The Human Condition

Label: Antonym Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-10

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8/10 8.5/10 9/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Beneath a Septic Sun, Cynic Eye

Sweden has always been my favorite death metal factory, but Today my thoughts have been changed completely after I listened to the album (The Human Condition) for the Swedish black metal Band Waning. This talented band has started its long musical trip in 2007, and only released the debut album (Population Control) in 2008, and this year the band continue its interesting and extreme trip with an epic release.


The album contains about eight tracks that roar for about 43 minutes, there's something about this release is spellbinding, every single grinding riff has been recorded and left a trace on this record has an astonishing magnetism, the bolts of your brain will be instantly removed and all the magnetizable cells will capture the fascination of every track, so this release will be one of the most memorable records this year. 



Several bands try to reach the complex and the professional structure of black metal, and so many expectations we might have in our mind, but Wining shows how to nail all the expectations and strikes the listeners with expert and monstrous performance in every track they make. Some tracks like (End Assembly) and (Continuum) display mastery, the drumming and the bass succumb to the towering waves of the rhythm guitars naturally, and some tracks like the instrumental (The Human Condition) and (Void) are a real demonstration of how to build a completely brilliance, the lead guitar efforts are dramatically grabbed by the distinguished illumination of the overall extreme sound.


Though the production is not flawlessly perfect, but this band reminds me a lot of the Swedish black metal act (Dissection), especially the the vocals and its verge of crispiness, you can hear the soul of Jon Nodtveidt clearly inside the throat of Robert Arntsen (the vocalist of the band), and you can notice this clearly in the tracks (Beneath a Septic Sun) and (Cynic Eye). The Progressive efforts and the intensive efficient loudness and energy gave a classic color to this record, and the brittle production gave a modern stain on the surface of the songwriting.


If you are searching for an excellent black metal release that gathers the roots of the Swedish black metal acts and paints them with modern colors, then this album is recommended for you, every single memorable riff really worth your time, open your doors for this great record and get your ears ready to headbang while listening to these fascinating tracks.


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