JorZine - Flayed Disciple - Death Hammer

Flayed Disciple - Death Hammer

Label: Grindscene Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-10

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10

Highlights:  The Shrine of Dahmer, The Westboro Massacre

The world of death metal, one of the most exciting and sensational experiences that you would ever live, especially when there's a skillful band like (Flayed Disciple), these kinds of bands have the spirit to pull you out from your mediocre musical world and squeeze your ears with real thrashy death metal addiction. Flayed Disciple is an violent death metal group from The United Kingdom, they have been previously released a promising demo (Drawn Viscera) in beginning of 2009, and now these guys are continuing their own murderous career by releasing their debut album (Death Hammer). 



At first when I started playing the first track (Bring Down the Hammer) I opened the booklet of the album, and it felt like Iam opening a police file full of butcherly and gory murder cases and events The first track that has only one vocal line contained a lot of samples and sounds of police cars and reports, the hammering riffs just smashed my head to make a perfect piece of intro. The tracks (The Westboro Massacre) is my favorite track in this record, the amount of wavy brutal death metal progression and the size of harmonized deep growling vocals create a very huge barrier of sound behind the insane guitar solos. The track (Interceptor) that has a very bloody photo in the booklet, has also a very barbarous riffing stabs, the drumming and the bass are raping the total sound as the flesh of the rhythm guitar sound.


The track (Feast In the Forest of Impaled Bodies) and the track (Exodus) reminded me a lot of the American legends Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under, the rapid changing tune of the vocals between the deep growling tune and the high scream made these tracks very sledgehammer and unforgettable, the mania of the guitar solos can easily force your head to headbang madly. The sixth track (The Shrine of Dahmer) was the first track I've ever listened to this band, a very sick and gory music video has been created for this extreme track, this track simply get you inside the mind of Jeffery Dahmer (The famous serial killer) and make you see the world in his hideous sick eyes.


The track (Bleaching In the Sun) is a real work of abhorrence and submissiveness, the malevolent bass-lines are following the professional work of the rhythm guitars, the production reaches its maximum here, especially when the complexity of the blastbeats and the hammering riffs get united together to rape your ears. The track (Torsofucked) has been previously released in the first demo, but now its more violent and has better performance and production, when you check the lyrics of this track you will realize that you are listening to one of the sickest tracks have been ever made by humans. The final two tracks go with the same pattern of the previous tracks and have the same insane inspiration of the song (The Shrine of Dahmer) because they also have the spirits of the most famous and violent serial killers in the world, especially the last track (Pig) that has a photo of Charles Manson in the booklet.


somehow its really hard to find a real brutal thrashy death metal record that can suddenly be at the top of your best releases list when you listen to it only once, actually this is true, this release became one of my best releases of this year because the amount of efforts and the dynamic production made its way into my ears violently. If you are into the classic Cannibal Corpse and the sick riffs of Six Feet Under, then this album will be added quickly to a place inside your mind where you're used to save your best sick metal albums of all time.



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