JorZine - Ihsahn - Eremita

Ihsahn - Eremita

Label: Candlelight Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-07-06

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Highlights:  Most of tracks are highlights

Since the dawn of the second movement of black metal art, Ihsahn has been one of the most important multi-instrumentalists who participate in developing this kind of music (alongside with Abbath, Fenriz, Varg Vikernes, Nocturno Culto, Satyr, Infernus, and Samoth), these artists helped making the black metal music to be more dynamic and complex with time, especially Ihsahn who added orchestral and symphonic fevers into his compositions. Since Ihsahn has officially split-up with his legendary band Emperor, he tried to advance his own progressive and extreme metal project "Ihsahn", somehow you can compare Emperor with Ihsahn musically because they have a lot of common graceful and bright efforts, this kind of brightness can also be heard in his gothic band "Peccatum", similar production tricks and technic (Jens Bogren made this album sound very superb), comparable complexity. 


There are a lot of things that make "Eremita" particular and different than the other previous Ihsahn's albums, the progressivness of the songwriting is now tainted with more loud and extreme sound, every chord progression takes a major role of showing how much coldly professional is the performance that has been made, the bass-lines (that have been done by Ihsahn too) are way more biotic and they collide with the rhythm guitar perfectly. The drumming is holy and essential, every single crash devoured the brutality of the guitar edges gently, Tobias Andersen has given sacred efforts here by working with Ihsahn in a studio album for the first time, his work in the Norwagian progressive metal band "Leprous" made his hand made of gold, but Tobias is not the only musician guest from the band "Leprous", Einar Solberg (who also played keyboards live with Emperor) has done some guest vocals in the track "Arrival", his vocals added more progressive metal sound to the song.


There is a real variety in this record, some dry violent tracks like "Something out there" and "Departure" reflect a very deep inspiration and shows a lot of extreme peaks with Ihsahn's high and crispy vocals, but some smooth wet tracks like "Introspection" and "Recollection" have been made to show more warm and soft progressive sound with Ihsahn's warm clean vocals, the Saxophone performance also gave the songwriting more passion and precision. Most of the tracks show a great balance of progressive sound and extreme black metal touches, tracks like "The Paranoid" and "Catharsis" and "The Grave" proved that Ihsahn is made of more than  a hundred professional musicans, and these kinds of tracks are the reason why do I prefer Ihsahn and consider him  as "my best extreme musician ever", his insane vocals and intelligent throat are in an open war with his hands, the spaces between the guitar strings get shorter and shorter as his sacred voice gets higher and louder.


To be honest, the debut album "The Adversary" was my favorite album for Ihsahn, but while listening to Eremita, I slightly changed my mind, this year will never be forgotten with this amazing record, I would never describe the beauty and charm of this album even if I wrote a million pages, so let your ears enjoy the real meaning of extreme art. If you are into the previous album of Ihsahn and the legendary albums of Emperor, then this record will surely satisfy your every sense, even your tongue will get wet while listening to this magic.



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