JorZine - Draumar - Gebirge EP

Draumar - Gebirge EP

Label: Krage Welten Kunstverlag

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-03

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8.5/10 8.5/10 7.5/10 8/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Most of tracks are highlights

Welcome the sound of pure nature, where all the melodies of the guitars and flute are swallowing the natural beating drums, where the screams of the forest is getting lost inside the fog of distortion and lead guitar blades, where every listener dives gently into a great world pure music, welcome to the new EP album (Gebirge: which means Mountains in English) for the Germanic one-man orchestral\ambient black metal band (Draumar). 


Gebirge is the fifth official release by Draumar after two split albums and two full-length albums, it contains a lot of inspiring moments a very deep natural sound, many acoustic guitar whispers and a lot of rhythm guitar screams have been mixed together to form a wall of sound the can symbolize the heart of beating nature and its unlimited beauty. the plague of the songwriting and the sickness of the performance have been done by the mastermind behind Draumar wonderfully, summoning the influences of Empyrium, Agalloch and Uaral, and drag them into this hollow of infinite beauty.


No matter what's your current mood now, this release can pull out from this world and send you to a darkened and cold forest, where inspiration and imagination are followed by the cold distorted guitars, where the serenity and the tranquility is following the crystallized sound of acoustic guitars, and some flute melodies are here to hypnotize your whole sanity. The production of this record is a frosty tale of force and wilderness, the drumming is cold and vital enough to fill the voids of melancholy within this record. The vocals that have been all done by the mastermind behind Draumar fit the total sound barrier and complete this EP in an astonishing way. 


The bass sounds sunk by the huge rhythm guitar fence, if you are into the album (Songs of Moors and Misty Fields) for the Germanic band Empyrium, then you will totally understand what I am talking about here. This is not a typical metal album, its not a classic sound and it doesn't contain any modern metal elements, this record is just different than all the current metal releases that have been released this year, the pure music of nature has never been typical. 


Finally, this record is very recommended for all the metal fans who search for pure natural and inspiring sound, especially for the fans of Empyrium, Agalloch and Uaral, the holy sound of nature is caged inside this release and its waiting for your speakers to blow them out, get your copy and get lost within this natural world.


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