JorZine - Relics of Martyrs - Scenes of Blood and Betrayal

Relics of Martyrs - Scenes of Blood and Betrayal

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-14

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7.5/10 7.5/10 7/10 9/10 7.5/10

Highlights:  Judas Between Us, Hidden In The Sand

I had witnessed the creation of this album throughout its many stages. I visited the band during recording, made small studio reports and interviewed them. Highly anticipating this release last year, I was expecting something really good based on what I heard in the studio, unfortunately, like any other band within the Jordanian scene, releasing an album is not an easy task, and after many months of delay, it was released independently by the band’s members. 



The first that will attract attention to the album is the great art work. The band made a good choice by selecting something that increases the anticipation of the music recorded inside. 

Musically, the band created a solid Thrash record with great riffs composed by Hrayr, excellent additions added on the lead guitar by Yazan Sarayrah, impressive drum work from Masis Mardirossian and, Zaher Medanat’s solid bass lines. The vocals done by Amr are top notch and make the album a really interesting Death Metal record, giving a nice little diversity to the album. I said "a little" because the album in general suffers from some monotonous sounding parts that made me feel little bored during my first listen. Though, after a couple of spins, I began to digest the album little better and appreciated the work that had been done here. 


All this great effort, sadly, had been downsized by the final touches during the album’s mastering. Although it was a trying to create an old-school feel, it wasn’t executed properly, making the sound appear squeezed like it came from a strangled man’s throat, or a an old mono recorder. That disappoints me because I saw the actual production steps that this album had undergone and what they were promising. I don’t what happened in the end. 


Nevertheless, the album leaves us with some really interesting stuff, making a good debut for Relics of Martyrs. The record contained some memorable songs like, "Justice Has Been Served" and, "The Martyr's Journey". Also, the album’s lyrics are interesting and are personally relatable to as in that it discusses the reality of life and death that we watch every day around us through the screens of our TV, PCs and, Tabs! 


In the end, maybe my high expectations weren't met but this is an album that will definitely enrich the Middle Eastern scene and be remembered amongst the hardcore fans of our Metal scene. Sadly, Jordan will not be able to enjoy these tracks live, unless fans travel with the band during their next trip to a country nearby. I hope that in the near future we will be able to listen more out of Relics and maybe by that time, our scene will have evolved so that it may help the bands to find a proper medium in which to reach out their fans (since the band is selling their album through their band members, click here for more information) and provide a better environment to record and produce music. 



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