JorZine - Eternal Deformity - The Beauty of Chaos [First Review]

Eternal Deformity - The Beauty of Chaos [First Review]

Label: Code666 Records

Reviewer: Nada K. Ahmed - 2012-08-01

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6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.5/10

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The diversity of genres played by one act has become a trendy phenomenon in the Rock\Metal scene nowadays, and it’s becoming more of an appeal for those who seek either, major musical ecstasy or knowledge. Should the appeal be for knowledge, the mention of Polish Metal would bring out some memorable acts such as: Vader, Behemoth and Riverside; by which plenty of other acts were inspired.

Eternal Deformity (Zory – 1993) is a multi-genre band that can be tacked up on the board with the release their new record, “The Beauty of Chaos”. A title which I reckon should be taken seriously (considering the somewhat beautiful chaos) in the album. The teaser trailer released on Vimeo a few months ago was a bit of a hint as to how the album would be like, or, maybe on how it should not be expected to be like.

Avant-garde Black Metal is the dominant ingredient in “The Beauty of Chaos”, combined with sparkles of Symphonic-Progressive\Doom elements that are not carefully, but rather chaotically, spread throughout the album. Consequently, keyboards and orchestral moments are made of a great deal out of and might even cover some major guitar sounds in tracks like, “The Beauty of Ultimate End”. However, the most impressive aspect is the solos that can be said to be merely classical.


It gets pretty confusing while listening for whether those elements fall into place or are just fillers to the music, mostly because the sounds, at some point, feel rather primal, incoherent and, carry no apparent senses in them. Yet, everything seems familiar in this album, in a way the band is seemingly influenced by many acts including: Opeth and Dimmu Borgir. This is also obvious in the vocal interludes and the swift shifts between different pitches of brutal and clean. Unfortunately, their musical influences took a wrong turn on their third track, “Lifeless” as its solo is a copycat of, “Rapture’s To Forget”.


“The Beauty of Chaos”, as a whole, is a record that would not plead for a second listen and might not add something new for listeners, but certainly would add too much for a band at their gateway into the dark side of music.


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