JorZine - Manowar - The Lord Of Steel

Manowar - The Lord Of Steel

Label: Magic Circle Music

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-08

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Highlights:  Righteous Glory, El Gringo, The Lord of Steel, Black List

We always learned about the real taste of Heavy Metal from old-school Metal bands. Great bands like, "Black Sabbath" and, "Iron Maiden" were a great example of professionalism and energetic music that inspired people for decades, the only downside about the old-school sound is that it has been changed by the emergence of new sub-genres. Consequently, the original sound of the old-school became extremely rare, although, on the bright side, there are some old-school bands always trying to keep this kind of music alive for the next generation. This brings me as to why I am here, celebrating the release of the 12th album by the legendary Heavy/Power Metal group, Manowar.



The time machine that is Manowar has been turned once again; the inspirations of the albums, "Into Glory Ride" and, "Battle Hymns" were resurrected from history and were reanimated by once again. I admit that the album doesn't have the same quality of songwriting and effort but, at least it gave us more old-school songs from a real old-school crew. Many expectations are subconsciously created when you read the news about the new album of Manowar for the first time, some people thought that this album is a bad move and could destroy the noble lineage of this amazing band, especially after the album, "Gods of War" that had a lot of haters around the world (actually I loved that album so much though it sounded different than the old Manowar). Though, some people thought about it in an optimistic way, and to be honest, I am of the same outlook. I really loved many touches in this album and it reminded me a lot of the real Manowar, though, the modern production destroyed the theme that we are used to hearing while listening to old-school albums. 


The album contains many old influences from, "Kings of Metal" and, "The Triumph of Steel”. The secret power that exists in the previous releases of Manowar is still alive and breathing here but with the addition of modern production and innovative licks that surround the whole record. The result being old and technical Heavy Metal riffs, with modern mastering quality. The hero vocalist, Eric Adams still retains his power as if he protected his golden throat with steel, my first expectation for this album was about the quality of the killing vocal lines, and yeah, I really liked every single word uttered from Adam’s golden throat, the power and strength are still burning bright inside of him. 


The guitar work in the tracks, "The Lord of Steel”, "Manowarriors" and, "Annihilation" show the wonderful motion of energy, Karl Logan has tried his best with Manowar since 1996, his magic with the solos and the amazing performance on the tours proved that he is a real guitar hero. The bassist, Joey DeMaio (who also played the keyboards and produced in this album) provided great bass licks and many flexible, warm touches. To be completely honest though, I really hated the production, especially the rhythm guitar that encircled the sound behind the vocals and the solos. It sounded like the backtrack of an old Sega game, which is clearly noticeable in some tracks like, "Born in a Grave". 


Behind the noise of the old Sega game sound, Donnie Hamzik was dominating the drums like a real monster, he was the drummer of the band's debut album, "Battle Hymns" so we can easily notice that he gave this record very old-school beats. His flawless work gave so much positive points to this album. My favorite elements presented on the record were the vocals, the solos, the drums and, the bass licks; no one in this world could enjoy listening to such a disturbing guitar sound. 


If you are into Manowar, then this album is a must-own for the reason that, not only does it contain a lot of old-school influences, but that it provides the listener with many new places to visit. Though, buyer be warned, some things related to the production will annoy you but I am sure that you will love the songwriting, the solos, the vocals and, performance. Get yourself a ticket to the time machine that is, "Lord of Steel" and go back to the early 80s.


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