JorZine - Opvs Leviathan - I O I

Opvs Leviathan - I O I

Label: Mighty Hordes Productions

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-09

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9.5/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  The Old Chant for the Dragon King, Conquest for the Lucifer's Crown

The legacy of the ancient times and the occult of philosophy were the most effective roots that changed the ordinary black metal lyrical theme into something more majestic and more serious, especially if the music mixes the elements of the early 90s black metal and the epic touches of piano together. Opvs Leviathan is a real underground epic black metal band rises from Colombia, the band released the debut album "I:O:I" this year after a long time of disappearance, Mighty Hordes Productions managed to embrace this epic release that has a great supreme black metal performance and flowing toughness and strength. 



The influences of the 90s Norwegian black metal cults are sinking inside the immense sound of the keyboards that shine through the total sound, the rays of the keyboards touch the edges of the blasting drumming (that has been performed by Wilson Henao as a session member) and hit the bottom of the roaring guitar distortion. Drakvs Belphegor who managed to play the bass and the guitars has also managed to give all of his strength by doing twilighted and lightless black metal vocals, the grim spoken tune changes to crispiness and tightness immediately with the guitar progression, many tracks like "The Ancient Kingdom of Pentagram" showed this technique, this track also has a very deep lead guitar works that reflect visions of a real epic war from the ancient times. 


The lead guitar warriors start a real battle against the cold sound of the rhythm guitars behind the horizon of the total sound, the result was a fast tremplo and a vibrated atmosphere, tracks like "Submerge's in the Waters of Kaos" show this kind of influential effort, and some tracks like "Leviathan Call to Destruction" shows faster melodies and harsher vocals in the top of the music, I really enjoyed these tracks because they somehow remind me of the legendary band "Bathory", the war sound of the guitars and the tyrannous drumming gave so much perfection and originality to the production, the coldness and the raw production of the tracks invokes the early black metal movements that once was drenched with the viking inspiration. 


The acoustic guitar sounds in the track "The Old Chant for the Dragon King" show more ability to create vital and multifold styles of music, especially the angry spoken vocals and the sounds of the birds that hide behind the acoustic guitar sound. The last track "Conquest for the Lucifer's Crown" is one of the best tracks in this epic record, the fast drum beats and the fast keyboards work shows a real complex black metal nature, but the total complexity appeared when the guitar solos and the bass captured the whole musical scene. Though I know that the songs have been composed in the late 90s, but I guess releasing them in 2012 is a very great shock to all the black metal fans around the world, because many fans think that this kind of real black metal work is extinct from a long time. 


To be honest, I was deeply convinced that this kind of epic black metal compositions and performance have been vanished for more than  10 years, but Opvs Leviathan gave us some flash-back of how the real black metal music must sound like, if you consider yourself as a real black metal fan then I recommend this record for you, many Arkona and Windir fans will surely be addicted on this record today, get your copy now and decorate your metal library with the sound of the real epic black metal.


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