JorZine - Golden Dawn - Return To Provenance

Golden Dawn - Return To Provenance

Label: Non Serviam Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-07

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8.5/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 8/10

Highlights:  Nameless, Vision of Entirety

The Austrian metal band "Golden Dawn" has started their career since 1994 as a one-band band, and many dark and real extreme tracks have been recorded then, many musicians joined the field of Golden Dawn and many releases have been done, and now the band is celebrating their fourth full-length album "Return To Provenance". When I heard the news about this band, I decided to listen to listen to the track "Return To Provenance" and I was really amazed by the balance between the extreme sounds and the gentle velocity of the songwriting, till I finally lost myself inside this record. 



Its not really hard to describe the sound of Golden Dawn because they already sum all the styles up with the description "extreme gothic metal", so we can hear all the warm gothic elements and the soft cello sounds that give depth to the tracks, and sure we can enjoy the shining sound of the keyboards fly around the harmonized noise of the extreme guitar sounds. Some riffs intend to sound like death metal and some other riffs intend to sound even heavier, but the total velocity and gentleness of the tracks make the whole sound limited beneath the skies of gothic genre. 


If you are into the modern sound of Moonspell, then you will surely understand the whole texture of this band, this album is an expensive example of how to make the gothic metal album sounds rough and hard. Some tracks touch your mind with their brutal and violent riffs, such as "Nameless" and "Vision of Entirety", though the riffing pattern sounds heavier than the regular gothic metal characteristic, and the harsh vocals seems more rough and throaty to be featured in gothic metal tracks, but the total sound of the tracks is solid and genuine. Some slower pieces like "Dionysian Eucharist" and "Denial" sound more gothic than the previous tracks, but still the vocals are harsher than what you expect, I am not saying that the vocals here don't fit the sound, the vocals here stand still against the windy distortion of the guitars strongly, the drumming sounds slower here and the bass sounds more essential. 


The activity of the rhythm guitars appears clearly in the tracks "Dark Illuminations" and "Seduction", though the spirit of the meloblack rises here with an evil touch, the songwriting seems interesting, the slight potential of the solos also gave some good points about this record though the listeners would really like to hear some solos within the rigidity of the guitars. The cello that has been done by a guest musician imprints a dreamy atmosphere inside the tracks "Nameless" and "Self-Destruction", and I would really like to hear such prints in the upcoming albums of Golden Dawn. One more thing I really like about this album is the gentle production, the sound of the guitars sound really active and wavy, and this is exactly what I was searching for.


 Somehow I dont think that the music of Golden Dawn has to be compared to any other band, because there are some real original ideas and some fascinating golden clouds within the dawn of "Return To Provenance", but I would recommend this band for all the modern Moonspell fans, because they contain the same influences and musical indications. The tyrannical mid-paced drumming and the extreme guitar sound surround the splendor of the keyboards melodies cleverly, if you are searching for an interesting extreme metal albums then I present you this fine record, especially if you are not looking for a fast blastbeating black metal record, get your copy now and enjoy the generosity of the extreme metal music.


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