JorZine - Maglor - Call Of The Forest

Maglor - Call Of The Forest

Label: Sounds Of The Land Records

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-14

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8/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Summoned, Endless I Wander

Nothing can be better than starting your day with a real underground atmospheric black metal album with folk influences, especially if the production is drenched in the taste of the nature, the Canadian band "Maglor" rose from the cold mountains of Canada, and this year they presented a great album for us, the journey of the band has just begun behind the sound of nature. 



Though the band has been formed in 2002, their debut album "Call of the Forest" has been released this year, that means there are about 10 years of writing and composing, and this great efforts that have been done are easy to notice while listening to the tracks of the album, the epic atmosphere and the huge intensity of nature and folk influences enchained the basic structure of the composing. The first track "Skoger av Doden" which means "Forest Of Death" in the Norwegian language, starts with the sound of warm strings and some mountainous percussions, and then a black metal atmosphere just blew from nowhere to fill the the track with wonder, many beautiful chantings and folk instruments also were added, this track just made my day. 


The second track "Summoned" is the longest and the most complex track in this record, it started with soft clean guitars, but the monstrously riffing join the field to make everything sounds loud and roaring, many active lead guitar appeared within the unclear sound of the distortion. The third track "Under the Night Sky" is an instrumental that I recommend to all the folk metal fans around the world, the gentle beginning and the slow dripping drumming created a cinematic mountains scene, the cold folk instruments get higher and higher to capture the whole sound, making this one of the best folk instruments I've ever heard. 


After the end if the previous instrumental, the need of roughness was demand by my ears, and softly the track "Endless I Wander" entered my ears behind the wall of atmospheric keyboards, the black metal riffing wasn't louder than the keyboards this time, and this whole epic sound reminds me of the Austrian black metal band "Summoning", these twelve minutes will be hole and unforgotten. Finally the album presents the amazing track "Call of the Forest" as a perfect way to end such a wonderful record, the 12 string skies and the heaving Keyboards swim on the surface of the grim black metal vocals, the sound of the vocals reminds me of the early Norwegian black metal scene, especially "Darkthrone" and "Mayhem", you can smell the real feeling of nature while listening to this track. 


If you are a fan of the Austrian black metal legend "Summoning" and you like to smudge their sound with the color of the early 90s black metal movement, then the total result will be epic, and that's exactly the sound of "Call of the Forest", the huge efforts that have been done by Maglor for performing this album are really worthy, you will enjoy every second in this record, especially when the sound of the folk instruments cut the atmospheric black metal sound, get ready for the blackened taste of nature and get a copy of this record.


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