JorZine - Vin Sinners - An Element Of Suprise

Vin Sinners - An Element Of Suprise

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Amir Kourosh - 2012-08-02

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8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Something To Believe In, T.I.M.E. (This Is My Exit)

"An Element of Surprise" is the debut album of VIN SINNERS, a band formed by Dubai-based Indian vocalist, Vin Sinners. He has gathered an experienced line-up to record this piece of Hard Rock with some experimental touches. The band, in spite of its old-school influences, doesn't sound like any specific band. They have kept an original and unique sound for their music, which is the most important thing to highlight in this album. You’d find influences from the most glorious Hard Rock bands from the 70's and the 80's, such as: Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Alice Cooper and, from one of the most iconic bands from India, the Hard rockers, Indus Creed. They even incorporate some influences from Modern Rock which makes their sound very diverse. I should also mention that Hard Rock is not as popular as other genres in the Middle East when comparing the number of bands that play this kind of music to the ones who play other styles inside Rock/Metal category. 



The album, which features very diverse songs, includes some tracks heavily influenced by old-school Hard Rock music, such as, "Games With Me", an easy-listening song where the 80s Rock influences are more evident and which is probably one of the album's highlights. The song starts after the album's intro, "Hail Ya Sinners" and its most remarkable feature are the keyboard melodies, which remind me of the glorious days of Hard Rock music. Another remarkable song is, "B.H.O." which talks about all the expectations created after Barak Hussein Obama's election. This song, which is the only Heavy Metal song of the album, reminds me of Iron Maiden in their Blaze Bailey years, mainly due to Vin's voice. Another old school song to highlight is, "The Wise Man", an awesome ballad full of honest feelings, which was composed in memory of Vin's father. The album features the song twice: the normal and the "alternative version", which is less focused in electric guitars and where the orchestration takes the main role. In my opinion, this is definitely the best track of the album. 


Apart from these old-school influenced songs, you can also find a couple of songs where the experimental influences are more obvious. "Return To Solace" is a good example of this. The song incorporates some industrial influences which makes it one of the album's jewels. You might also find these influences in, "T.I.M.E. (This Is My Exit)". This track is a Funk-Rock song, which makes it sound really original and makes the album even more heterogeneous. Its solo is probably the best one in the entire album, despite the fact it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the song. 


In this release, there are also some radio-friendly Modern Rock-influenced songs. The best song inside this category is undoubtedly, "Something To Believe In", a melodic and highly addictive Rock song, which is the perfect hook for all those who are not used to listening to this kind of music. The song, "Book of Faces", also follows the Melodic Rock path. Apart from these songs, we also find inside this category other tracks such as, "Here for the Ride" and, "An Element of Surprise", which are, in my opinion, the weakest songs of the album. 


As conclusion, I might say that, "An Element of Surprise" is a great album which features several Hard Rock hits, a couple of Experimental Rock songs which are the spice that makes it even more delicious and a couple of radio-friendly songs which don't really push the album's mark. Despite this fact, this is a very good Rock album which I enjoyed from the first listen, I think they should try to define their sound and make it more homogeneous. I'm sure it will definitely make them a referent inside our region's Hard Rock scene. 


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