JorZine - Illusions Concert At Souq Jara

Illusions Concert At Souq Jara

Label: Unsigned

Reviewer: Rak Hiasat - 2012-08-01

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8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Most of the show was interesting

If you didn’t get the chance to attend last Friday’s amazing concert: don’t miss Illusion if they have an upcoming gig in the future! The band was powerful and full of passion; it gave me the feeling that we still have some classical rock fans in Jordan. Illusions has been around for a long enough now that you can rightly use terms like, “Classical Rock” and, “Oldies music”. It was a show that makes me look forward to see this band live again! 


The opening talent act was Ahmad Farah and was really good, so I heard from my friend because I missed the set. Some people in the audience told me that Ahamd delivered an amazing performance, albeit too light for Hard Rock fans. 



When the band got on stage, I was very sure that we’d be given an extremely crazy Rock night. Generally speaking, I'm a big fan of the Spiritual Keepers regardless of the gig or the singer, for that matter. Khalid fit neatly into the band's sound as it was during their early days. He delivered the vocal work expected from a band playing the kind of hard/classical/pop riffs they dedicated themselves to. 


Well, no surprise there, although, you can pattern out a certain evolution as their performance progresses with Alaa Faqir now, than during their earliest moments on stage. They just always had their own sound, even while covering all those great bands. I can't explain what in particular they owed this fact to; however, what I can say is that these guys knew how to cover true interesting rock songs. Almost each and every song stood out by one or more aspect, be it heaviness or nostalgia. Taking this virtue with them, they continuously evolved themselves along the path that will inevitably lead them to becoming remembered. 



At the end of their set, Illusion’s vocalist said something that really stuck with me, "It's really great to see all these heads here still listening to oldies, classical rock music and, still holding the spirit". It was really a great night and I am sure we all agree about Illusion taking a solid place within the Jordanian Rock scene and, who knows, maybe they will hit us with a debut album as they continue down the road.


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