JorZine - Heretique - Ore Veritatis

Heretique - Ore Veritatis

Label: Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-09

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9/10 9.5/10 9/10 8/10 9/10

Highlights:  Most of tracks are highlights

Poland is simply my favorite factory of black\death metal, the amount of bands that rise there with this genre is rising increasingly, but its not the only the amount of bands that rises there, the quality of the compositions and the performance is getting better and better there too. As "Behemoth" and "Vader" were leading this genre for a long time in Poland, there are many new bands that create brutal releases with admirable quality, and here I am talking about the band "Heretique". 



To be honest, I wont compare the debut album "Ore Veritatis" with any other Polish release or any black\death metal band on this earth, because this group managed to keep the flowing riffs dynamic and solid in the same time, the roughness of the rhythm guitars contain a lot of soft melodic touches that make the whole sound outstanding. The production of the drums is hard and loud, but it fits the roughness of the distortion guitars perfectly, and it gives a wide space for the vocalist to growl the lyrics in an impressive way. 


The intro track "Preludium" and the outro track "Postludium" shows beautiful clean guitar passages with some keyboards touches and choirs magic, these two tracks shows the other face of this band, because all the other tracks are brutal and pounding. I've been introduced to this amazing record by the music-video of the track "Putrescent Society", the riffing and the blastbeats were the first things that captured my attention completely, and then the vocalist "Strzyga" started to show his skills, high pitch black metal vocals and deep growling sounds have been erupting from his unholy throat, the track "Ore Veritais" also has the same texture of this track, the clean vocals have a deep evil and gothic roots, but actually all of these vocals patterns makes the tracks wonderful. 


The bass hides behind the shadows of the guitars to operate behind the whole sound, but sometimes it blows the song with anger and hate by getting in front of all the instruments. The guitar solos in the tracks have been made to fit the cadence of the songs, as the lead guitars fall like a cascade toward the rhythm guitars, we can hear a lot of beautiful solos and melodies here and there, just like we can hear in the tracks "Rain of Fire" and "Equilibrium". This record is way better than the previous demo album "Primal Blasphemy" that has been released in 2009, the production and the compositions of this record got better and the lead guitar usage became complex and professional. 


All the fans of Behemoth will enjoy the tracks of this release because there are many similar brutal textures and patterns within the songwriting, but the overall phase of this record is different. Many people in this world know the quality of the Polish bands and know the great efforts that they do to create black\death metal releases, so if you are into the Polish metal scene then you should have this CD immediately because its one of the best Polish metal releases of this year, but if you are not into this scene then this CD will also introduce you to the world of black\death metal.


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