JorZine - Eternal Insomnia - The Endless River Album Review

Eternal Insomnia - The Endless River Album Review

Label: Indie

Reviewer: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2017-02-28

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Highlights:  The Endless River, Sanctity Of Lies, Eternal War, Requiem


Not to anyone's surprise , the brainchild of Guitarist Qutaiba Assaf finally after many years anticipating it, released the album ( The Endless River ).

to those who know Qutaiba personally , knows how talented he is and how highly influenced by Melodic death metal he is.

Eternal Insomnia is a Jordanian melodic death metal band that started as a solo project by Qutaiba back 2014. Later on, Qutaiba wanted to expand and enhance the sound of the project, so he started looking for new members. He first met Tareq Noufal, and Soon after, many auditions were made for the other positions in the band, the choice fell on Adnan Rawashdeh (Drums) Nashat Al-Issah (Bass) and Adam Lebzo (Keys and Strings). Tareq performed with the band for for 2 years, before he left the country for personal reasons. In late 2016 Assaf contacted Terry Stooker from Netherlands and Stooker agreed to be a studio member. together, Stooker, Assaf, Al-Issah and Lebzo started working and recording the band's first album: The Endless River.

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so coming to the music it self, after The hype , now is the time to actually see if Eternal Insomnia did meet the expectations of the scene and fans , since they are the first melodic death metal band in the country and poineering a whole new wave of musicians and genres to come in the future , along Side two other bands that formed or became active in the past couple of years that pioneer their own genre in the scene !
These two bands are : Unveiling The Abhorrent with their Technical Extreme brutal death metal sound , and Clouds Over Utopia with their Progressive rock / Ambient experminetal Fusion sound.


The album starts nicely with an intro that somehow gives u a small taste to what you should hear on the album, but still keep the element of surprise for the next track , The title track of the album ( The Endless River ) Goes full Melodic mode and surprises the listener with the level of skill Qutaiba used in the melodies to creative a very catchy riff and and hook that is monsterous in depth and proves that the Local scene can produce a professional level of music, that with the proper attention and support can lead the way for such acts to go global and play in international festivals and compete with the greats .

The Next track which is a personal favorite of mine is Sanctity Of lies , where the song is as good as the previous one , Dare I say better than it.

The composition and melodies are catchy, well delivered and professionally recorded , and if I was not told who the band was , I would assumed it is an international new band with some professional potential to soon be well known !

the next track which is called ( Eternal Wars ) is a fresh blend of melodic death metal meeting melodic doom death metal with spoken words and depressive sense of feels !
The next two tracks are the perfect tracks for the second half of the album, where ( anguish ) is a completely instrumental melodic masterpiece and it is followed by ( Requiem ) which is among my favorite tracks on this album and being one of the strongs on the record.

the following song ( Blind Souls ) goes to different Directions with the Addition of a female vocalist , but also this is the only weakness of the album , where the female vocals somehow arent fit well in the song structure, nor with the production as well.

And the final track is ( Brothers In Death ) which is a fine epic , to end such a powerful , pioneering important album with , being one of the longest tracks on the album !

It is highly noted that the other band members beside Qutaiba did a notable job on the album as well !
Adam doing his fine work on Bass and strings , brought new depth to the album and melodies that Qutaiba composed, and also Adam helped in the composition in some of the fine parts of the song ( Eternal War ) and the Intro as well .

And altho Qutaiba did most of the composition , Adam added a touch of energy and life to them with his skills .

And The Work of Vocalist Terry also brought the band to new levels with his vocal lines and melodies , it is noted that Qutaiba wrote the lyrics  expect for ( brothers In death ) Terry did write the lyrics on this one, and wrote the vocal lines for this song and the rest and he managed to deliver them in the most perfect and fitting way possible.

And although Adnan's contribution is not high on this album, but his dynamic and skills added the percussion the album needed to be balanced with the other instruments .

In conclusion , this album is going to raise the bar higher for future bands to produce great music , or they wont appear on the scene's radar in the future !

Qutaiba and co. are among the ones who brings the future to the Scene !
So make sure to check out this masterpiece of an album , and support them by buying their album and helping them become even bigger !

This is the link to their album on bandcamp : 


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