JorZine - Aeternam - Rise Of Empires Album Review

Aeternam - Rise Of Empires Album Review

Label: Indie

Reviewer: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2017-02-10

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8/10 8/10 7.5/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:  Damascus Gate, Fallen Is the Simulacrum of Bel, Zadyin Arga


The orient always found its way to western civilization because of the magic it holds, the rich history and stories, and of course music.
and through out the years many musicians managed to get oriental influences and sounds into the rock and roll and heavy metal music, most famously are orphaned land and melechech .
now comes a band hailing from france, out of all people, to bring you a mix of rushing progressive death metal with highly engaging oriental sounds and vocals that brings this album to a whole new level of entertainment and charming magic.

The Album starts with one of the better songs of the entire album ( Damascus Gate ) which shows the potential of the band and how they matured over the course of the years and from the sounds of their previous album, which was also as fantastic as this one.
the two songs ( The Keeper of Shangri-La ) and ( Fallen Is the Simulacrum of Bel) are some of the finest two pieces of songs that a person can hear in the genre , highly professional in the writing process and the quality of the music proceeds anything they did in the past.

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( Nightfall on Numidia ) slows everything down to a complete oreintal space where a female vocalist takes the mic and sings in arabic and brings the album to new heights .

( Zadyin Arga ) is the perfect ending to a great album like Ruins Of Empires , it got the best riffs on the album , the story and the feels , the lyrics and the brutality and the oriental space invades the listeners ears in a memorable way!

the rise of such sound is always welcomed and loved by fans , because of the fresh approuch in the sounds produces , hoping to hear more in the future !

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