JorZine - Kreator - Gods Of Violence

Kreator - Gods Of Violence

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Reviewer: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2017-01-26

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7.5/10 8/10 8/10 7.5/10 6.5/10

Highlights:  World War Now, Satan Is Real, Totalitarian Terror, Gods Of Violence

Its been five years since Kreator released an album, back in 2012 , which was their best album since 2005's Enemy of god, Which happens to be a personal favorite of mine.
So the expectations were a Little high since the band is one of the pioneers in thrash metal genre and highly popular within the music scene.
especially their early material such as Pleasure to Kill, which happens to be a fan favorite, among other releases.
So what do you expect from the album ( Gods Of Violence )?
well ...

It is a Kreator album , thats for sure , where the Kreator sound is all over the album , and nothing new brought to the table.

The same aggression, Same level of speedy , thrashy riffs with the melodic elements they implement on some of the corners of the album , such melodies are in songs like : Satan Is Real, Gods Of Violence And Army Of Storms.

so coming to the songs themselves , The album's Opener ( Apocalypticon ) and the opening track ( World War Now ) are the perfect openers for a Kreator album, where they build the atmosphere with the opener just like they did with the phantom antichrist back in 2012.

and ( World War Now ) is a thrashy gem , a very fun , interesting well built song that catches the attention of the listener

then comes the song ( Satan Is Real ) , where the riffs are slower a little bit, more fun and super melodic , and its catchy in all of its aspects expect the lyrics where they go a little cliche .

( Totalitarian Terror ) Is the ( Angel Of Death ) for Kreator , it starts with massive openning riffs and double bas drumming and then Millie Gives one of his strong screams similar to tom Araya's scream in ( Angel Of Death ) but not as high pitched.

( Gods Of Violence ) starts beautifully with an acoustic intro but then somehow goes a little bit down the scale , but in the second half its gets a little better, so its still a good song.

On the second half of the album , sadly the scale of good moments goes down and thrash cheese goes up !
with songs like Army of hordes, Lion with eagle wings, fallen brother and Side By Side.

these songs got the Kreator known cheese , where riffs are slower and more generic , the use of misplaced Melodies and completely silly and ( Manowar ) type of cheesy lyrics.

The last track of the album ( Death Becomes My Light ) starts beautifully with some clean guitar doodles which are calming and a melodic in soothing way, and Millie starts with spoken words over the voice of the clean guitar in a catchy way before turning melodically heavy and fast in a way that lefts up the level of the album, where it ends it.

so in general , Kreator did a good , decent job on the album yet sadly the second half of the album ruined many great moments .



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