JorZine - Blackfield - Blackfield V

Blackfield - Blackfield V

Label: K Scope

Reviewer: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2016-12-31

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Highlights:  How Was Your Ride?, Life Is An Ocean, Lately, Undercover Heart, From 44 to 48

Ive always been a fan of every thing steven wilson puts out in the music world, because of his originality while still feeling his inspirations from king crimson, pink floyd and many other big names in prog.

so when It came to blackfield, its his least progressive project, yet contains some of his finest work to date, Especially the first two albums, where they were real gems in his discography.

personally im not a big fan ov Aviv's contribution much to Blackfield, because it got that "Cheese" factor and somehow ruins great songs.

especially in the last couple of albums released by blackfield, where Aviv took creative control over them, and it shows the lack of touch from steven, and the quality of the two albums went down so fast, that steven wilson although announcing he is not going to be a part of blackfield anymore, had to step back to save the project.

Although the last album contained two or three great great GREAT songs, the album in general wasnt that much of a great one.

and even the two or three songs, were written by steven wilson and one of them Guested Anathema's Singer Vincent and he gave us a track so close to being an anathema track, you would think it is impossible this is a Blackfield Song.

Fast Forward to 2017, where The New album is going to be released in 2017, and let me tell you, This album is the best album Blackfield Will release since their 2007's Blackfield II !
it contains some of the best songs ever written by the band, and some of the best progressive instrumentals you could hear, and the production , mixing and mastering is one of the finest you will hear anytime soon , Thanks to the great Mr. Alan Parson.

Tracks Like How Was your Ride? , and Life Is an Ocean got some of the most amazing keyboard and ambient guitar works you will ever probably hear from the band, and the vocal arrangement and  harmonies between Steven and Aviv is also so haunting, its impossible to hear the song once or twice and say its enough!
Songs like Lately, October and Undercover Heart gets more ( rock ) treatment than their ambient counterparts.

And one of the best tracks of the album is their finishing track , From 44 to 48 where steven takes the mic and just deliver some of his best lyrics , best vocal performance and just enchanting the whole album with one big finale !

The album really brings the best in this project, and it is a great taste of Steven Wilson's music till we get his new Solo album later on 2017 !
Bravo Blackfield, You did it . 


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