JorZine - Sinprophecy – Through Sacrifice and Redemption (Review)

Sinprophecy – Through Sacrifice and Redemption (Review)

Label: Independent/Indie

Reviewer: Rana Atef - 2016-11-24

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9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10


Last month, The Egyptian Melodic Death/Doom Metal band Sinprophecy released their first album after a long wait "Through Sacrifice and Redemption". It contains 8 tracks and its length is 40 minutes. Through this review, I will take you to a journey through "Through Sacrifice and Redemption".


 The First track is a self-titled track, it is short and it is spoken. It introduces you to the story you are going to listen to through the album. Its music is epic/symphonic one but it is calm as well. The following one is "War Shall Begin", the one which Sinprophecy captured a music video for it. It is one of the strongest tracks in the album. It combines the symphonic beauty with the strong melodic Death Metal tunes and the darkened mood of Doom Metal.


 The music reflects a real inner war in human soul. The third track in the album is "Summoning", "Summoning" is the first recorded track released by Sinprophecy. Its music is really dynamic but its dooming style is darker than the other stuff even the vocals of it. It is full of hatred and disgusting. From 2:44 to 3:18, there is an atmospheric/ambient part with some depressive guitar tunes and spoken part then it is followed by one of the deepest solos in the album. The next one is "Decay" which is more into Melodic Death one and its drums beats are active, powerful, and tough.


 The fifth one is a romantic emotional interlude through "As I Lay", it is as interlude between 4 chapters from the story you are listen to, you are now in the middle of the story; it is just a small relief, a short break as happy moments in life. The sounds of March disturb the spiritual mood of the track with as fear on unknown does in happy moments. The break is over and now it is the time for "Tears of a Sinner" with its attractive impressive melodies and Scandinavian influences. You are a sinner; you are full of grimes and sins. You are a human and you are surrounded with the seven deadly sins, you are guilty and sold your soul to the devil. A Sinner is crying and wants to repent but the road to repentance is so long and hard, you are stuck in what you did. TASTE THE BITTER WINE OF YOUR SIN.



 Next, one of the greatest piece in the Egyptian Metal in 2016, after the dynamic beats of drums, strong vocals and impressive melodies, now, you are listening to the human calm depressed side of Sinprophecy, "Echoes of Silent Hymns" ft. Nour khan who her voice is angelic and sent from green white shining heaven. Sinprophecy reflects the sounds of silent tears, screaming pain, cold weather, echoes in void and cold weather through the sounds of cello and keys. The harmony between spoken vocals, and impressive notes of Nour Khan's voice.   


 Then, it is "Roots of Bleak" time that started with acoustic/classic notes followed with bleak melodies of guitars and crying sounds of keys. It is the taste of Melodic Death Doom Metal with a heavy blackened atmosphere and darkened harsh vocals. Actually, I don't know why this one makes my tears to fall. It tears me inside, I find that every piece in my feelings moves by every single notes. Feelings of neglecting, sorrow, loneliness and guilt wake my subconscious. Do you think that there is a concept of happy life? Do you think that the road of repentance is easy? You think that? Do you believe in Utopia? Wake up humans, the end is so near and there is no Salvation here? Actually, it is one of the best tracks in the album and most painful one.


 Finally, "Condolences" is the final chapter in the story, the tragedy is over. It is a spiritual and sweet Acoustic one, but hey hey, you are a part from a world has no comedy, tomorrow is not better actually, it is unknown but we will live the happy moment for once, we will enjoy with the soft rain drops and weak sun rays wither the amount of blackness and sadness in life is.


In conclusion, psychologically, it is heavy meal. I liked how Sinprophecy employed the symphonic patterns through the album. They managed to combine the power of Melodic Death Metal music with the depressed bleak taste of Doom music. Sinprophecy managed to catch the ears for 40 minutes with mixed tastes of Guitar and Bass lines, the vocals, the harsh effective drums beats, the spiritual mood of keys, cello and violins and the magic of the atmospheric/ambient touches. Actually, the connotations which the music gives are a lot. It reflects the broken black soul of the sinner, the dark side in humans, the blackness of our world, the tragedy, inner conflicts, wars in real word, the everlasting drastic wars between good and evil. It is a journey inside the soul of humanity. Regarding the rate is 9.5/10.


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