JorZine - Hate Field - Holy Brothel (Single Review)

Hate Field - Holy Brothel (Single Review)

Label: Domestic Genocide Records

Reviewer: Rana Atef - 2016-11-23

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9/10 8.5/10 9.5/10 9/10 9.5/10

Highlights:  Holy Brothel

The track is opened with a strong melodic intro as Hate Field does through its discography for 35 seconds. In this Hate Field depends on pure Heavy Metal/Hard Rock music without electronic effects. Through the track, the tunes of the guitars and Bass are clear and shining. The vocals start with a darkened style then they are turned to be high. From 00:57 to 1:41 and from 2:27 till 2:49, the music takes a calm emotional movement with impressive tunes of the guitars, if you are a fan of Hate Field music, this part will bring "Sweet Nightmare" in your mind especially this part,


"And then she cries my name with voice and shame

my wounds won't need your healing,

the wounds I have still cry from bleeding

It is not my breakdown just leave me alone".


Back to "Holy Brothel", Hate Field uses its musical style in more melodic attractive way. The riffs are so dynamic and powerful. The music of "Holy Brothel" carries mixed feelings of power, hatred, depression, and anger. The track visualized a crazy scene in the mind a man with 0 hope, in over thinking mood of running or staying. He is alone with his broken hopes and falling ambitious, He is just listening to the Devil or his dark side. This Drama, Hate Field's music in "Holy Brothel" is full of dramatic techniques as: the conversation between the instruments, the different pitches of vocals especially the high opened ones, using spoken part. The tunes of the instruments color your subconscious with red and black. The climax of the track is in the last which is the solo. An effective strong solo makes the question with no answer, did he stay or run?

The performance of vocals is like a monologue with different styles, it is different of the one used in Hate Field's first album Scary Fairy Tale.

To sum up, Hate Field's managed to give the listeners a great impression to listen to its forthcoming "Dramasutra". The track is a strong, active, melodic, and more into Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. The Harmony between the instruments is high. You won't like to miss a second in the track, try to enjoy with drums, solo, guitar, bass and vocals. As for me, when I mention "Dramasutra", I should mention Scary Fairy Tale. I think both carry 2 stages of the same story.  Hate Field continues its musical style and combination with improvement. The process of recording and production is very good and the rate is 9/10.


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