JorZine - Paul Martin - Fire Within Me (Single Review)

Paul Martin - Fire Within Me (Single Review)

Label: Paul Martin Production

Reviewer: Rana Atef - 2016-11-21

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9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10


This week, Awaken Within member Paul Martin released a new track "Fire within Me" from his side project's upcoming album "Chapter Two". Awaken Within is a Heavy Metal band and it is a collaboration project between Egypt and the UK. Awaken Within members are Amr Medhat (Egypt), Paul Martin and Rayan Thomson (UK). Paul Martin project's new track features "Amr Medhat" (Vocals) and "Enrico De Luca" Lead Guitar

The track starts with folk tunes of guitars and attractive beats of drums. The melodies of the track are greatly classical / folk with modern touches of modern music. The atmosphere of the track is really touching and spiritual. I like the tunes of the acoustic guitar, it is really emotional and paints the music with a depressed folk taste. Amr Medhat's vocals are very good and He manages to add more classical/emotional taste to the track.


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