JorZine - Thorvald - Blood Eagle Review

Thorvald - Blood Eagle Review

Label: Independent/Indie

Reviewer: Rana Atef - 2016-11-17

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9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10 9.5/10


I have joined the Egyptian Metal scene as a page admin and reviewer since 2013, although I specialized in the Egyptian Metal Scene since a short time, I dealt with 90% from the Egyptian Metal bands whether they are active or not. Why am I saying that? Because dealing with musicians from my same age and interests is something different. As I tell myself every day, I am a different reviewer; maybe because I am young and have a different point of view, the ``DaRk KniGhT`` always has a different point of view. Thorvald joined the scene in 2013, and it released its first single in 2014 entitled Dreaming of Scandinavian, yeah, I dealt with this band since its early releases. After listening to its first track, I expected Thorvald will gain a big respect and success in not only the Egyptian Metal scene but also in the African one. They managed to combine different tastes of Metal, and then painted it with Viking mythology melodic colors. After 3 years of hard working, wait, ups and downs, and line up changes, finally, Thorvald's Blood Eagle comes out to the light. Hails Egypt, meet your Amon Amarth. Blood Eagle contains 8 tracks and it featured 2 vocalists who are Amr Hossam (Ex Excimer / Ex Thorvald) and Seif El Shazly who is the current vocalist of Thorvald in addition Thorvald original members Ahmad Mostafa (Guitar/Bass/Composition/lyrics) and Ramii Mohamed (Guitar/Drums/Programming).


The first track in the album is Ragnarok: The Fall of Odin, It starts with attractive melodic intro followed by a strong clean vocals of "Seif El Shazly", Thorvald continues the style it is represented in their singles which is adding melodic instrumental between verses. Musically, the track is organized as stages of legend. The lyrics perfectly have transformed this story into lyrics. I like the conversation between the guitars and the bass in 4:28. The Bass solo is very good addition and it gives the track more richness. Moving to The Legend of Beowulf which features the guitarist Omar Wally also starts with a melodic instrumental part but the drums are as a march. It is special piece because it is taken from the Anglo Saxon literature. The band adds some guitar tunes to introduce the solo in 4:13. Berzerkers(A Quest to Valhalla) is the third track in the album but it is the first unreleased track in the album and it is one of the best ones in Blood Eagle. Its riffs are dynamic, folk, and attractive ones. It is one of the best tracks in the album. I like how it is full of Viking folk taste, it is really attractive. The upcoming one's Soul Unbound a folk acoustic calm one; I like its location in the album list. It is the last track that carries Saif Al Shazly's vocals and it is a transformation station between Thorvald stuff with Saif Al Shazly and Thorvald stuff with Amr Hossam. It also reflects the scenes of Viking nature and landscapes. Dreaming of Scandinavian is a real Amon Amarth melodic style. It is the first released track by Thorvald. Moving to Blood Eagle track is released before, and it gains big success in Africa. It carries different musical movements; you can feel a few progressive death elements in it. Nordic March is the second released track by Thorvald, I like the vocals lines of this one with the melodic riffs. The solo of Nordic March comes in atmospheric darkened interlude in 1:47. The last track in the album is Wanderer of the North. It is one of the slowest tracks in the album, and it carries the taste of Melodic Death Doom Metal.

In conclusion, honestly, we have Egyptian Amon Amarth. Thorvald has greatly established its own musical style and taste with the instrumental melodic intros, the clear clean Bass lines, the conversation between the Bass and the Guitar, the instrumental break between verses, poetic lyrics, style of vocals and Viking folk riffs. Regarding the rate is 9.5. As I expected 2 years ago, Thorvald earns the Egyptian Metal Scene's respect. There is no doubt that Blood Eagle one of the best releases in Egypt's Metal scene in 2016. I think, Blood Eagle will be nominated in the annual African charts for 2016. I highly recommended it to you


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