JorZine - Dark Tranquility - Atoma Album Review

Dark Tranquility - Atoma Album Review

Label: Century Media Records

Reviewer: Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham - 2016-11-05

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6/10 7.5/10 9/10 8/10 8/10

Highlights:  Atoma, Forward Momentum, Faithless by Default, Clearing Skies,


Dark Tranquility is one of the most unique bands out there in metal today, they keep their original sound of melodic death metal going strong in their direction and not going too crazy outside their comfort zone most often !
the one thing I personally admire about the band , is their ( Classy element ).

what I mean is, that although they are melodic death metal, but dont care about being too brutal or too edgy !
on the contrary, they care about releasing quality music, balanced songs between melody, class and staying classy !

This album is no different from their previous releases, and as much as I personally Enjoyed the album, But i think it is weaker than their previous release.

That album was very hard to top, being on the top 3 best albums they released in their career, along side Character and and fiction !

This album starts with a little Edge with the track ( Encircled ), which is a good track to start such album, it is edgy, melodic and heavy !
the next two tracks ( Atoma, Forward Momentum ) are among their finest tracks in the entire album, and reminds me of the ( Fiction , Character ) era of their career, which is a really really good era to connect to.

those two tracks contain a balanced share of melody and class, and the vocals of  Mikael Stanne , Both growls and clean are on point, and just like wine, it ages well with time !

but as much as those two tracks are strong, the next two tracks are the complete opposite , ( Neutrality , Force Of Hand ) are weak, out of place and highly forgettable!

and any could possibly skip them while listening to the album, to find a better song after the 1 or 2 minute mark.

then comes ( Faithless by Default ) which restore a little balance to the album, with it being one the better end of the album's quality !
with having more ambient side to the music, than the death metal side !

another interesting couple of tracks on this record are ( Our Proof of Life, Clearing Skies ) which continues the work that ( Atoma, Forward Momentum ) did on the first half of the album , where they bring the charactristics of the ( Fiction , Character ) Era of the band.

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The album ends , and then with the Deluxe ( limited edition ) version comes a second CD with two fully ambient tracks , with clean vocals only !
Basically the band pulls out an ( Opeth  Card ) where they try a new style with ambient keyboards and super good clean vocals, and highly melodic guitar work !
And quit Honestly, the two tracks on the second CD ( The Absolute, Time Out Of Place ) are better than half of the tracks on the original album on the first CD, and id be willing to listen to a fully EP or a complete album with such style from Dark Tranquility !




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