JorZine - Entartung - Krypteia

Entartung - Krypteia

Label: World Terror Committee

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-02

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8/10 8.5/10 9/10 8.5/10 8.5/10

Highlights:  Wenn die Jagd beginnt, Der Sieg der Verganglichkeit

The German black metal movement has improved widely in the world of the underground music in the last twenty years, and the success of the German scene is still going on till this year. I've always been a fan for German black metal acts "Nagelfar" and "Moonblood", and sure "Minas Morgul" is on my list too, and I was looking forward to hear new black metal releases which have the same great atmosphere of the older German bands, and my wishes became true when I first gave a listen to the debut album "Krypteia" for the new black metal band "Entartung". 



The band contains of only two members who created all the black metal mess in this record, they started their career with "Entartung" in 2011 but they were able to release their debut album by the label "World Terror Committee" this year. The music that Entratung try to create is similar to the old Germanic black metal bands that I mentioned above, but the sound of the German black metal act "Nargaroth" and the Norwegian act "Marduk" also left a trace on the surface of this record, the influences of the compositions and the fast complexity and the cold blackened vocals are meant to be tough and sharp, the immunity of the drumming and the radiance of the guitar riffs are excessively violent and unholy, which gave this record a pure underground atmosphere, which make this album a very memorable release. 


The typical evil lyrical theme of the black metal has been smudged here with the topics of mythology and philosophy, and all these themes really fit the whole atmosphere like a ring fits in a finger tightly, maybe this has been done successfully because of the raw production, the total sound has been cooked well on the flame of classic black metal influences, this appeared in the track "Flucht in die Finsternis" (which means Escape In The Darkness) and the track "Uber die Grenzen des Todes" (which means Beyond the boundaries of death). Some long tracks like "Wenn die Jagd beginnt" and "Der Sieg der Verganglichkeit" show the skills that the group try to reflect in the songwriting and in the performance, the speed drumming and guitar tremolo have been done with the smell of the early black metal movement, but with some modern touches. 


If you are not into the German black metal movement and you have the desire to go through it, then this CD will be perfect for you because it contains a lot of German influences, and if you are into the great German black metal movement and you know some amazing bands like "Nagelfar" and "Sargeist", then you have to own this CD in your library because this debut album continues the success of the German black metal career that has been started long time ago. this CD will do magic inside your speakers and will invoke all of your imagination about the past of mankind, get ready for some real black metal release while putting this CD inside your player.


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