JorZine - METAL MANIA - Concert review by JoScene

METAL MANIA - Concert review by JoScene

Label: JoScene For Events Management

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-09-28

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When it comes to events in Jordan, JoScene are the guys to go to ! The best in the field of making concerts. So when it came to this concert, after a long time of not having any concerts at all for many reasons, their comeback is hailed by everyone who attended the show! They brought some new bloods to the line of bands, and also brought a veteran band to help the new ones! And it was glorious!

Where to start?

What to say first ?

This is the first concert I enjoyed for a long long time, because of the endless elements that made this event a success!

let me first personally thank the staff and coordinators for doing one fine job on the organisation and smooth flow of the event, with no fights, problems or any unfortunate events.

And I personally Wanna Thank The Amazing Sound Engineer That made sure the bands did their best, despite of all the flawed equipment and some technical difficulties!

And Of course, The fantastic bands and their humble and completely nice members, whom I know some of them personally!

The review of the event will be cut into two sections:

1. The interviews with the band members

2. the review of the event itself


so starting off, I will start with the interviews of the bands :

starting off with the opening band ( Ebrazus )


The band formed 6 months ago, with the following members :

Lead Guitarist : Qusai Jamous

Rhythm Guitarist :Saleem Marmash

Bassist : Saif nasser

Drummer : Taher kashlan

And then, before two months, they were joined by the New and talented Vocalist : Kareem Kelani.


The band plays a a heavy / groove metal style, with the influences of the classical metal heroes we all grew up knowing and loving.

Those guys managed to raise the roof higher, although this is their first ever show on stage, but the chemistry was more than powerful and their performance despite some technical difficulties in the first song they played, but they managed to get people off their seats, and Me personally enjoyed their performance very much.


so coming to the questions I asked the members the following questions before the concert:

M: Its nice meeting you guys, Tell me about yourself as a band.


Kareem: thank you, nice meeting you too , we as a band chose a style we are highly influenced by, and we found lacking in the music scene here in jordan, so we wanted to bring something new to the table, and we are positive we are going to make people remember who we are, and tell them we are here to stay !


M: Thats the spirit, Now tell me more about your style more, what do u think you are going to bring to the table?


Saif : we as musicians come from various influences, and that helped us to be in a very solid place where we all respect and understand each of every member's point of view of music, and that will help us create something very original, yet based on our love for the bands that influenced us growing up and made us want to become musicians.


Kareem: also we bring the oriental style into our groove and heavy sound, because we are influenced by bands like Orphaned land and their middle eastern sound, and we are going to use it in our original material !

and also we want to bring the heavy music back into the world, for the past 20 years if I recall correctly, it is very rare to hear a heavy metal band came out and had a major success, this genre is somehow not attracting bands anymore, like other genres !

and as i said we are bringing the oriental sound into the heavy metal so we try to be as original as possible, and people remember us by sound, not only as normal musicians.


Taher: we are also going to use some progressive elements into our music, especially where we will use odd time signatures in some of the parts of the songs , to make it even more groovier and more attractive to the ear!

and we may also may use more instruments to enrich our sound, something like a keyboard!

you know like Iron maiden did back on the seventh son album!


Kareem: we are open to also using a female voice into our sound, we heard many amazing female talents here and we would love to work with some of them in the future.


and then the time for their sound check came, so we had to cut the interview short, but in conclusion the guys are super talented on their instruments, super humble and completely fun to be around !


and when the show was over, I asked the fans around the performance and what they thought of the band and their music.

and then i met with the guys once again :


M: nice work guys, The show was fantastic, you did a great job, but I noticed some technical difficulties at the beginning , while playing the lamb of god cover, What happened ?


Kareem: well, I do believe since its our first song ever on our first ever show, we kinda panicked a little and felt overwhelmed !

but if you noticed we killed it on the rest of the songs.


M: you did indeed, I personally enjoyed the show and I was cheering for u on the side of the show, I believe you guys noticed me a couple of times hehe !


anyways, I have gathered the opinions of the fans over your set, and I want to present it to you.


well, the main response and feedback, revolved around 4 main points:





A: the performance itself was very energetic , and the hype was super intense, and almost everyone enjoyed your Show.


B: everyone notice the chemistry between the members, and the interaction between the members and the fans, that made them very very happy .


C: at some point, the sound in some equipment failed because the instruments were a little old and not 100% professional , which there is no shame there, just pointing it out.


D: and finally , The main thing that people complained about, is the setlist , they expected something else, yet you chose the same covers that other people do, over and over again.


so, what do you think about this ?


Kareem: We respect the opinions of our fans today, and we really really thank them for their support and energy today, they made our night the most special night of our lives.


Regardless The first point, we are glad and we tried to do the best we could, although I think we could've done better, and we will in the future.


The second point is very essential and important, because even if we were as good as our heavy metal heroes and we didnt like each other as members , people would notice, and would feel the negativity and would not support us, and about interacting with them, its the most fun thing to do , especially in small venues like this one, it was a night to remember.


the third point, well as you said ... we cant do anything about it, its what we could afford and have, but in the future, we would of course upgrade our gear and get top of the line instruments to bring the groove to its maximum level.


and about the final point, we actually thought about it before the show, and we prepared a different list, some of the grooviest songs out there in the world, but for some reason we stuck up with those hahah !


but we will make sure for next time, to manage a better set list.


in the end of the of interview, the guys were sweet enough to invite me to their future shows, which i will attend of course.


Thank you ( Ebrazus ) for an amazing evening, powerful performance and being super cool dudes.


The second band We Interviewed Were ( Unveiling The Abhorrent ).


those guys stole the lights somehow for the unique blend of brutal death metal, slamming brutal death metal and technical death metal, and bringing a set list of songs never played before in front of the music scene in jordan.


The band consists of the following members:


Ayman Bushnaq - Vocals

Adnan Rawashdeh - Drums 

Saif Nasser - Bass

Mahmoud Sadieh - Guitars



so to start the interview I asked the following :


M: you are the first band that plays this genre in the history of our music scene , how does that effect you? or what does it mean to u ?


and what do u think the reaction of the fans will be?


Mahmoud:  actually this is one of the things that we enjoy being in a slamming brutal death metal band, we get to be as original as possible , because we are basically the first band in the scene to make such music, and even while doing covers of other bands in the same genre, people are not used to hearing them so we are helping them discover a new genre of music , not known to most, and that alone actually makes a lot of difference.


M: well, what influenced you to be in such genre , why didnt u choose a set list of material , that the fans would like to listen to ?


Adnan: well , its what made us unite in the first place, that we are few of the people who listen to such bands and such extreme extreme styles and we played the instruments we needed to actually form the band, and we did it !


M: do u see yourself collaborating with other local band members or musicians who are somehow more known or popular than you , to help promote your music , for example : Exile , or rylics of the martyrs ?


Ayman: Yes actually we dont mind doing something like that, but we need to deepen our name in the scene first, so people know what we are able to bring and what we will do to the music scene, before joining forces with someone else, but in the future , yes we would love to, who knows ?


M: Do u think when you do original music soon, you will keep the slamming brutal formula, or you will easy it up a little, for the sake of the fans ? and will u want to feature any musician as a guest with you , that will maybe ... do clean vocals for some parts ?


Adnan: no we do not think so, we will not compromise for anyone even our fans, we would actually help our fans to get into this genre of music, and about featuring some guest musicians, maybe also , but no clean vocals at all.


and I have met with the guys after their gig, which was amazing really , they did manage to make people love the genre and enjoy the slamming brutality of death metal despite 95 % of the audience did not know ONE song from their set, which is impressive , as if they were performing their originals for the first time in front of an audience.


so after that I told them the feedback of the fans, and in general it was positive , surprisingly to be honest , i didnt think personally they will enjoy the show , because they do not know the songs.


but they did, they all gave positive feedback, they all loved the band members, they all cheered and supported the band members and even kept calling for more songs , when the time of the set was up, and they actually got one more song out of the band


But all the fans almost , got one complain , they wanted to hear more .. known death metal songs.


M: what do u think of the feedback ? and how do u rate your performance and the experience ?


Ayman / Adnan: we think we could've done much better, although we thought our performance was amazing, and even the fans thought its flawless, but we were restricted by the technical difficulties we managed with some of the cables and the audio and distortion feedback on the mike, but other than that ... we are completely happy with everything, our performance and the experience in the general !


and about the fans asking for more known death metal songs, We are sorry but we have a message to deliver, and we will not be astray and we will keep performing this type songs, to help the fans discover such type of music .


And then the main and the final act for the night is ( Exile ) :



I never met with them personally before, but I have seen them perform on stage many times and I enjoy very much their performance despite im not a big fan of thrash metal.


so when I sat down with Nader and Ibrahim, we talked about many things, and they were kind enough and super humble to answer us and be very friendly, regardless of the many times some fans informed me that they are not always too friendly and they are somehow mean to others.


so after spending time with them, I do not think that is the case, they are extremely friendly and I had a wonderful time Interviewing them.


M: first of all lets talk about the new album, when the first album came, many people heard a solid ( KREATOR ) influence on that record, when it comes to the new album , would we have the same solid influence from the german side old school thrash metal, or would there be something different ?


Nader: well, as members of Exile we got different influences , some of us listen to black metal and others listen to melodic death metal while I listen to thrash metal .


so when it comes to the influences it didnt change, but we as band members, we grew up , we matured and became better musicians, better human beings and we matured to a level where we can write better music.


Ibrahim : it will have more technical side of it, not the simple thrash riff you hear in the genre, we would make it more interesting, more appealing to the ear, like we did in the first album, but on this one, we will take it to the next step. and even our lyrics they will be more philosophical and Psychological to an extent, that serves the cause of the album.


M: what style would the album be? would be more technical , or more melodic or even got progressive elements ?


Nader:  we dont have a pre-based Idea of how the structure of the songs will be, we just get with it. we just play and record some riffs and drums and bass here and there and when we meet we gather things up and then shape them into the final form they are, but what i can tell u , that it will be more technical than the first album, thats for sure. and of course we will use odd time signatures in some parts of the album, because it would serve well the sound of the album.


M: very good, now talking about the music scene, what made exile the name it is today, here in jordan ?

many bands came and went, many bands are not remembered as much, but makes exile what it is today?


Nader: consistency and being serious about it ! regardless of our daily jobs , and our busy life with families , wives and kids and so on. so for 8 years we continued talking this  seriously and attend and perform at any chance we get.


M: what do u think the band would achieve within the next 5 years ?


Nader : hopefully make more albums hahaha ! and of course to perform in the massive stages in europe !


M: some other local bands , that went international such as Bilocate, nervecell and blaakyum went to those international stages and shared them with most of the legends out there, they of course found some proper management that made them reach such places.


what are your plans in this regard ? do you have a manager in mind, or are you planning to do the same as those guys ?


Ibrahim: well, we are trying to do that on our own for now, but we are open to finding a manager who is serious and dedicated enough to help us reach those level of exposure and international festival appearances. plus touring is a very hard business, it costs a lot, it needs us to take a break from our daily paying jobs, and leaving our families behind and after all that , the paying may not be worth the trouble.


we contacted an international band, with a very very famous front man and offered to go on tour with, so instead of them paying us from the profit cuts, they want US to pay them 400 euros for every show, and they asked for at least 5 shows !


so clearly this isnt going to work out you know.


M: you guys brought new gear, new guitars and it changed a whole lot of your sound , into something completely more sustained and heavier, will those things Add up to the Sound of Exile ?


Nader: yes of course, the older equipment were kinda old, and overused to an extent and especially live, before , many fans did complain and tell us there was some noise coming from the guitar, but now , it sounds flawless !


M: do you think you will ever use another guitarist in the band, and are u will to use a 7 strings guitar in the future ?


Ibrahim / Nader : well , we were always a trio and we will probably remain a trio, unless a Commited and serious guitarist appeared and wanted to join , then we are open to it ! and about the 7 strings guitar , no we do not think so.


and after the interview is done , we went to enjoy the show them, and they did rock the show and stole the lights as they always do !

Such an amazing performance by such a professional act !

We are proud of you Exile !


and after the show , I managed to catch up again with the guys later on and ask them the post concert questions,

and they gave the following answers :


M: how do u rate this experience ?


Nader: well, it was quite good experience

but to be honest it didn’t add anything new for us .. because its the same stage with almost the same equipment .. .. but the organization was good and the crowd was enthusiastic.


M: is it your best live show in Jordan , or have u had better before ?

Nader: it was one of the best.

M:the sound system and equipment were good enough? or did u think they didn’t work 100 % ?


Nader: it was good.. but it could be better .



M: did any of the fans do anything that upsets u , or not rise to your expectations?


Nader: nope... as we said the crowd was fucking awesome


M: the fans LOVE your original music , do u think u will play in the soon future any concerts that have full original material , or u will have to play covers ?


Ibrahim: in our local concerts we always include one or two covers in our set-list to boost the audience

enthusiasm ... but when we have the chance to perform abroad in big shows we only play our original songs . M: and what do u wish for future events to have ? that was lacking in this event


Ibrahim: first of all we think that the drums should be placed on a higher step on the stage , and the audience speaker should be located higher as well and pointed to the crowd, and regarding the lighting effects, it should be synchronized with the music and not as random as it was in the last event and the projector should go with was wrong that the performing band and the displayed name on the projector was not the same.


M: what was the highlight of your evening ?

Nader: the organization , and the crowd


now after finishing the first part , where i did interview the band members , and built my questions to them , based on the fans reactions and opinions !

but in conclusion the bands all performed a very professional and successful set !

well done !


so to finish up my review of the event :

the event was successful, very well managed, and highly coordinated between the staff, managers and media from one side, and the band members, their fans and friends from the other side.

This is by far, one of the most intimate yet well executed events I have ever been to !

Good job everyone, and many more to come!


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