JorZine - Humanitas Error Est - Human Pathomorphism

Humanitas Error Est - Human Pathomorphism

Label: Satanath Records

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-09-18

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8/10 7/10 8/10 5/10 8/10

Highlights:  Pain feeder, One Piece Human, Skinning Alive, Bestial Penetration

When it comes to black metal, I always pay extra attention to the details of each song of each band i discover because for the past 10 years most of the genre message got lost.


most bands grew out of the ( satanic lyrical themes and anti religion and christianity ) in general , and many more lost their traditional corpse paint, and we are talking about massive ground breaking bands such as Emperor , Satyricon and many others.


and dare I say even more bands lost their patience to play normal black metal music and grew and transcended into whole new genres of more progressive and extreme sound , than black metal itself.


So some less famous or known bands still sticks to their guns and keep the genre alive.


one of those bands are Humanitas Error Est, A group of german members vowed to keep the true ( KVLT ) black metal mantle burning and moving forward.


their newest effort is an 11 track album called ( Human Pathomorphism ) which promises to deliver to you, what other bands in the genre cannot, It delivers brutality, great guitar riffs and composition and the usual controversial lyrics content that sticks it up to the society and religion's faces !


I have to say for ethical reasons, that from my own prospective Black Metal genre is not as popular or as edgy as before , nothing scares people like it did back in the early 80's and 90's !
all the themes back then were used properly and it delivered well, and although it paved the way to other bands to come and carry on the way, the message was delivered many years ago, and people got its point well, so this is why black metal bands are losing interest fast in the genre and switching to other genres , Such as enslaved and Ihsahn and even Shining at some point !


So back to the album here , This album is a good example of a band that is very true to its roots, they do keep the experience intense, brutal and edgy to a certain level.


the track composition is tight, and fully worked on, and it is one of the better black metal albums I heard in a while.


some of the better and stand out tracks are :
( Pain feeder ) and ( raping religions ) where their composition , lyrics and vocal work is straight to the point, and delivers the message intended in a great way.


Also some other tracks where on the level of those two songs are :
( One Piece Human ) and ( Skinning Alive ) where they compete with the previous two songs on how to deliver the straight to the point , In your face message more intensely and more brutally .


And coming to the best composed track of the album by far is their opus ( Bestial Penetration ) where all i can say , even as a non black metal fan, this track is legit and very solid, and it stands out especially with their guitar work , it stands out among other legendary bands with legendary songs, Well done lads.


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