JorZine - Arnwald - Primal Expurgation

Arnwald - Primal Expurgation

Label: Abstruse Eerie Radiance

Reviewer: Mohammad Laham - 2016-09-05

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Ive always been a fan of dark ambient music , so When I received this album today in my mail , I was expecting something Special !

and boy was I right !

Although I have never heard of these guys before, but after listening to this album, I realised that some gems are really well hidden, and when discovered , they make sure to shine the brightest !

this is the case with Arnwald's ( Primal Expurgation )!

and one of the things I got attracted to fast, Is the roman numerical system they used to name their songs, because such type of music , needs to be told as a story, or as a chapter of a book, not with names, but with something more.
so after this introduction to such fine band, lets get to the music itself.
In this case i would note review the music song by song, because this album isnt made to be heard by a song, but by an entire album because each song completes the other , as if it is made to be a sound track to a very very disturbing horror movie.
the music reaches the level of darkness where it takes the listen ( IF LISTENED TO CORRECTLY ) to that dark
place, deep inside the person's personality, where all the dark, evil and twisted Ideas get to be formed.
It also takes it to the next level by adding the industrial element in such a fine way, it emphasised on the dark imagination of being in that horror movie, in a very well placed way, with no escape from the horror.
Imagine Saw, meets the conjuring and both have an open Orgy with the realm of silent hill game and the sickest minds of the most deranged depressive suicidal black metal song writers, this album would be the demon child of all of the above.
If you are a fan of such type of music, It is one album not to be missed at all !

I personally enjoyed it , and did play it more than once, in an empty dark room, to get into the character of this album, and it sure gave me the creeps.
well done Arnwald !


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