JorZine - Devin Townsend - Transcendence

Devin Townsend - Transcendence

Label: Century Media Records / InsideOut Music

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-08-31

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9/10 10/10 10/10 9/10 10/10

Highlights:  Truth, Failure, Secret Science, Stars

Alright ladies and gentlemen, the dev is back, and he is bringing with him one big album, after the 2 years wait and laying low, the announcement for the album " Transcendence " came to live, and with a single , which we will discuss later on.
this album is somehow, different yet follows the devin townsend formula of making music , the difference this time is that devin made his band contribute into the song writing, and they did some fine fine job on technicality and melody.
so starting the album with the usual ( SUPER BIG ORCHESTRAL MAJESTIC ) type of tracks that devin usually make.
the song "TRUTH" is massive in sound, massive in atmosphere, and nothing short but a great way to open an even greater album.
"STORMBENDING" continues the atmosphere we know devin with, but with major noticable attributes from band members, it is a great song and not the type you get bored with , at all.
"FAILURE" is by far the finest cut on this album, and the most surprising to be honest with you, and its the surprising single we talked about earlier.
this song contains an unusual amount of ambience, dramatic melodies and one ambient distorted guitar solo that takes its time while the rest of the musical instruments bow down and give the spotlight to the solo to enchant us to a whole new reality.
"SECRET SCIENCES" is also one of the finest songs on this album, and it sure makes us believe more and more than devin never disappoints, it is one of the most  interesting songs on the album, and got the best chorus written in the entire album.

"HIGHER" starts with an acoustic guitar opening with the devin signature calm concentrated vocals before it goes berzerk and full devin insanity mode, but still , it is one of the weaker songs of the album , where it could've been much better in some aspects.
"STARS" is a very upbeat, uplifting, positive and a powerful track , that it is highly impossible not to enjoy, If you are a progressive Metal fan, and a Devin Townsend fan as well.
"TRANSCENDENCE" is an orchestral track somehow , but keeps the progressive part alive , it got one of the most attractive parts in the a song where the chorus is sung by a choir.
"OFFER YOUR LIGHTS" is one of the least devin townsend tracks I've heard in a while , not in a bad way of course.
it is just , different !

the extended use of keyboards in the beginning and the hard rock , 80's type of song , with modern choir and orchestral elements of the tracks makes it weird to hear for the first couple of times, but it is a growers, but somehow remains one of the weaker songs of the album, besides "HIGHER" .
"FROM THE HEART" bounces back to the atmosphere of the album with a really really really great track, with is a fantastic finisher to the album , it got such a great ambient atmosphere, with even greatly written acoustic parts and amazing vocal performance from devin!

this album is my personal favorite after 2012's epicloud !


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