JorZine - SINSAENUM - Echoes Of the Tortured

SINSAENUM - Echoes Of the Tortured

Label: Peccatum Records - Ear Music

Reviewer: Mohammad Laham - 2016-08-18

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6/10 6/10 7/10 6/10 6/10

Highlights:  Army Of Chaos, Dead Souls, Final Curse, Condemned To Suffer, Echoes Of the Tortured

Personally , since ever I was a kid, I was always excited when I hear a group of musicians I love gathered to make a super group , can you imagine the hype it would make you feel as a 15 years old fan ?

think: temple of the dog , audio slave , A perfect circle and many others along the way growing up , you see where I am going with this ?

super hype , massive anticipation , and in the end food for the soul kind of music .

sadly,  not all super groups tend to have the results all of us fans desired from them !
this is one of the prime examples of what I mean, this massive super group comes from band members from extremely opposite genres.

could you ever imagine dragonforce with mayhem? or slepknot with Da'ath ? highly unlikely !

but it happens , those are normal guys after all , meet in events and concerts , talk back stage and become friends.

so this band basically made from the following guys :

Jordison on drums, Dragonforce bassist Frederic Leclercq on guitar, vocals by Mayhem and Sunn O)))'s Attila Csihar & former Chimaira vocalist Sean Zatorsky, and Seth's Heimoth on bass 

quite the line up isnt it ?

sadly the music they all created in this album is disappointing, like they get the points for the effort and the trying , I got to give credit where credit is due .

there are some solid songs on this album , that can be massive killers to play live, but on the other hand, the album is literally half filled with filler orchestral and electronic tracks that lasts mostly less than an hour.

so if you remove the the 12 tracks of completely unwanted, un-needed filler tracks , the massive 23 track album would get back to a normal number of 11 , which is fine.

so while im reviewing the album i will only review the actual music tracks without the fillers, out of respect , also i will focus mostly on the positive and good songs on this album , because some other songs as said earlier are disappointing , to the point it feels kind of pushed .

the vocal style of attila is controlling some of the guitar tracks written to make it sound little like mayhem, while when sean is leading in singing you feel the other guitar writing process looks similar to the band Daath .

the band somehow lacks originality and with all the styles combines into one big death metal blender the most noticable thing worth of actually admiring 100 % is joey jordison killing it on the drums , you can feel him enjoying the thing he is doing and actually doing one hell of a job slaying those drums into one amazing type of drumming !


it is also noticable that this album is not made for radio air play or commercial consuming, it is a pure death metal record , unlike the some of the bands those guys are in .


the first song Ill review is " Army Of Chaos " , this song is good , really good and somehow closer to being more commercial than any other song on the track, no wonder this one was the first single the band ever released from the album.


"Dead Souls" is a prime example that even when when many talented people in their respected bands and fields actually manage to create something heavy, old school , and extreme !


this track is actually good , and rolls deep with the listen and to those fans of death metal genre , they will dig it.


other tracks that are similar to this song but not as good on the album are : "Splendor and Agony" and "Inverted Cross" 


"Final Curse" is another track where the death metal blender actually creates a good death metal track , that got an old school feels to it, and the drums and guitar riffing in it are actually working together perfectly, With similar tracks to it but not as this good as well are : " The Forgotten One " and "Anfang des Albtraumes" .


the two remaining good songs on the album are the title track "Echoes Of the Tortured" and "Gods Of Hell".


now the thing is about this album , that it got no special feels to it , the songs all seem similar to each other, the riffs as well , but the drums and guitar solos in the songs are somehow lifting this album up a little.


it is disappointing , even for a death metal fan and an old school die hard !
give it a try , hoping you love it more than we did here .


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