JorZine - VADER - Iron Times

VADER - Iron Times

Label: Nuclear Blast

Reviewer: Mohammad Laham - 2016-08-16

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8/10 10/10 9/10 7/10 8/10

Highlights:  Prayer To The God Of war, Overkill

Ive never been a big fan of ( Vader ) over the years , although I personally enjoyed their last album , it contained solid riffs and amazing guitar solos.
but I must say to the death metal fans , they are a big deal , and I can understand where that is coming from,
the band since the start they delivered solid metal albums , one after the other .
they return in 2016 with an EP called ( Iron Times ) , where they somehow shifted their style a little into more heavy / thrashy sound than their usual pure death metal sound.
the first song ( Parabellum ) contains all the traditional ( Vader ) elements , with their massive blast beats and heavy riffs , it is somehow good, yet nothing new is brought to the table , it is not a ground breaking song.
( Prayer To The God Of War ) goes complete thrash with the riffs and drums and it somehow sounds like ( Testament ) in their last couple of albums.
the song is actually the best song on the EP and it is highly highly enjoyable , and the riff actually sticks in your head after a listen or two, and the solo on the song is actually the best written solo on this entire EP.
( Piesc I Stal ) is where the EP went completely heavy and a bit slower on the main riff of the song, but still belonging and fitting perfectly with this EP.
the final track of the album is a cover of the ( Motorhead ) classic ( Overkill ), this is a good cover, faster , heavier and more entertaining somehow , but the original remains much better.
in conclusion this EP is going to give u a taste of the new material ( Vader ) having to unleashed upon the metal world.


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