JorZine - BLACK CROWN INITIATE - Selves we cannot Forgive

BLACK CROWN INITIATE - Selves we cannot Forgive

Label: eOne Music

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-08-11

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9/10 10/10 10/10 9/10 10/10

Highlights:  For Red Clouds, Belie The Machine, Selves we Cannot Forgive, Vicious Lives

Ever since black crown initiate released their EP "Song Of The Crippled Bull" they instantly got attention , they are destined for greatness, they are original , masters of their instruments and brings the progressive element in technical death metal to a whole new level .
the "selves We Cannot Forgive" Is blissful, beautiful, melodic and heavy. the album in general goes into more progressive in its direction. starting with "For Read Clouds" the best album opener in a long time . It starts with a crushing intro and the vocals goes completely gutteral and deep and ive enjoyed them highly, and then andy comes and sings his heart out while the guitar melodies he gives perfects the songs completely.
The second song "Sorrowpsalm" continues the work of the first song, and gives a fantastic crushing guitar work with amazing drumming performance and even better vocal performance , and again andy comes and gives one of the most deep , chilling and haunting chorus singing , of his entire career.
"Again" starts melodically, andy gives a similar vocal line to "Sorrowpsalm" but less haunting , and more catchy and melodic, andy continues to sing clean and perfectly do it on this track, its impossible not to like.
"Belie The Machine"  continues the work of "Again" and "Sorrowpsalm"!
"Selves We cannot Forgive" is purely one of the most beautiful progressive death metal songs out there.
it starts with a beautiful piano intro that prepares the listener to Whats coming next, then the guitar makes it even more haunting.
also andy comes and sings his heart out in one of his most perfect vocal performances ever, while giving one hell of a jazzy guitar solo that would captivate your ears and makes you wonder where this band have been all of your life.
"Transmit To Disconnect" and "Matriarch" carry the mantle of the album and deliver an amazing performance, a highly planned progressive assault.
the finishing track "Vicious Lives" gives a surprise ending to a massive beast of an album, it goes ambient-ish and andy sings in the most calm , masteful and beautiful way . A perfect, yet very surprising ending.
this album is one of the best this year, and it is proving more and more that the guys in BCI are here to stay !


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