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BLAAKYUM - Line Of Fear

Label: Independent/Indie

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-07-27

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Highlights:  Crossing, The Line Of Fear, Freedom Denied

The middle east Is highly underrated for finding amazing bands to discover, It got some of the most talented, powerful, super driven bands that got the potential to making it big.



Today one example shines so bright its hard to ignore, the Lebanese heavy/thrash metal band "Blaakyum"

But before starting reviewing their album, 'proudly' i will give you a short brief about their asheivment

- W:O:A Metal Battle 2015 Finals and got 3rd place!

- W:O:A: Middle East Metal Battle 2015 - Winner 1st place

- GBOB Lebanon 2007 Champion (1st place)

- Lebanese Band Competition 1997 (1st place)

And lately performed in Dubai at "Blast Night III" by JoScene and in association with MetalBell magazine, and their latest were at Tuska Open Air Festival.



Those guys been around for a long time, and got experience and power to still deliver some fine fine metal cuts.



Now starting talking about this album!

"Line Of Fear"... it is not just a name of an album that they came up with in 5 minutes like most of bands, it is a concept that they used while recording their songs!

And it is by far the most professional, powerful, well produced album to date, with some of the most amazing songs and oriental fusion To find.



The first track "Crossing" is an instant hit , a smasher, and a very powerful track , with some of the most interesting, powerful guitar riffs And vocal line deliverance to ever come out of the middle east And Lebanon especially.


Its impossible to hear It Just once and go to another track, it will force you to hear it over and over before completing the album tracks remaining on the album.



"Line Of Fear " the title track of the album , brings the tableh ( Durbakkeh ) , A Lebanese oriental folk instrument to the heavy mix of the song , And If that wasn't a genius move, I don't know what genius Is!


Then the song ventures more with the heavy riffs And gives the listener An old school feel of thrash metal that may break the neck of the headbanger listening to It, delivers more ( Durbakkeh ) performance and follows It with two solos, not knowing which one Is more epic and beautiful than the other.



"Wicked Revelation" continues the work of the two previous tracks , with more use of the (Durbakkeh) and extensive use of power riffage and great power and energy driving the album.



"Destined To Rise" brings again the old school style of guitar riffs being thrashy , crusty and completely catchy, making It similar to somehow old school exodus and testament combined In the most original way possible to come with such a powerhouse of a song.



"Baal - Adon" continues the assault this band brings to the world with this album , being a fantastic song, driven with power, heaviness and oriental fusion with the ( Durbakkeh ).



"Religion Of Peace" starts off nice and smooth with some clean guitar and then kills It with the riffs and melodies!

"Freedom Denied" is by far , the most unique , different and powerful song on this entire album , It is the stand out song!

It contains everything a heavy metal listener dreams about , great riffs, amazing vocal lines, and the use of exotic elements like the use of the Arabic language, ( Durbakkeh ) and oriental guitar lines.



This is the best song on the album, by far.


"I am Who I am" goes back to the old school trash feels of exodus with high pitch vocals and super crusty crushing guitar riffs, couldn't get better than this you ask ?

Well, guess again!

Because it goes to the oriental feel again and just scramble your brain cells into a mosh , not knowing what to expect from such a creative, fantastic band!

Those guys are fresh, new and completely original, gives an amazing pleasure of listening to their music.



The final track, the closer, which comes as bonus track called "Riot Against Riot" and this song is the great end the album deserves to finish this beast of an album!

This album deserve more attention, the band deserves more attention and the middle east In general Is well represented by such fantastic bands such as Blaakyum!


Thank you Blaakyum for giving the Metal fans in our region this masterpiece and we will be looking forward to hear your next album.


Written by: Muhammad Lahham

Edited by: Muhammad Jaber


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