JorZine - ORJUWAN - Duel Devotion

ORJUWAN - Duel Devotion

Label: Independent/Indie

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-07-26

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9/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 9/10

Highlights:  Beyond The Horizon, Back to The Heart, Empty Nights and Days, Duel Devotio

Among the many highly underrated musicians from the middle east, comes one pianist and keyboards in mind, Waseem Al sayed.

The keyboardist for the oriental doom metal band ( Bilocate ) .

(Bilocate) is a band that made it big in the metal scene internationally while touring with other oriental bands such as orphaned land and others.

thanks to waseem, ( Bilocate ) obtained an atmosphere that is never heard in any of the middle east or in the world before, he brought his oriental influences to the Doom metal scene , and infused them with such a diabolical twist that makes the listener wonder , what kind of music is this !

now Waseem returns with his fusion but not with ( Bilocate ) but in a solo album , so ambient and dark , it is super attractive and highly wielded into one super massive album.

"Beyond The Horizon" starts the album in the best way possible: 

ambient, spiritual and in the style of ( My Dying Bride ) while still keeping its originality with the use of the choir of angelic voices i nthe background.

A track that could be used in a epic movie like ( Harry Potter ) or ( Lord Of the Rings ).

"Back To The Heart" starts with an acoustic greensleeve medieval type of atmosphere , highly original , highly beautiful and completely off the hook.

"Dreams Collapsed" continues the work of the previous tracks into bringing the listener to an atmosphere of originality, ambience and somewhat pink floyd-ish feeling .

"Empty Nights And Days" is one of the most interesting songs on the album, its melodic , ambient and got an energy factor for being an awesome track if played live , in front of an audience.

"Glorious Dawn" is played perfectly, although it is a cover of ( Primordial ), yet it is a standout cover and brilliantly pulled off.

the title track of the album "Dual Devotion" starts gracefully with beautiful scales being played in the most masterful way by Waseem and then the acoustics kick in to add more flavor to the track and it gets more intense the more you listen to it and gets you more interesting in this great track before ending as it started , gracefully.

The albums Finisher "Remembrance" Couldnt end such a great album for this genre better than this, the melodies played in it captures the ears of the listener and remind him of the genius compostion of Waseem Al Sayed.

for fans of Ambient music , DarkWave and gloomy atmosphere , this album is a must.


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