JorZine - Thorybos - Monuments of Doom Revealed

Thorybos - Monuments of Doom Revealed

Label: World Terror Committee

Reviewer: Azmo Lozmodial - 2012-08-02

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Highlights:  From the Depths of Desolation

There are a lot of metal bands around the world try to create original and solid sound, but the results are not always satisfying, especially if the genre is black metal, but today I found the firm black metal group "Thorybos" proved that they can create a satisfying black metal debut album full of force and violence. After about five rehearsal demos, the debut album "Monuments of Doom Revealed" sums all the killer riffs together and mix all the experience that the band have got since the creation of the band.



The four members of the band managed to create a grim black metal band and to get away from the mainstream modern black metal direction, though the grim black metal path is always thorny, the members made all the dark visions true with this rough debut album. The materials that have been written for this album are pretty similar to the early Nargaroth's albums, many rough black riffs have captured my mind, but actually I was expecting more exciting materials. The vocals are dominating the tracks alongside the noise of the distortion of the guitars, there are no dynamic lead guitar sections to wipe away sweat of the repetition, and actually this made this album less exciting though many killer riffs exist here. 


Many blast-beats surround the sound of the grim guitars, and many riffs are choking the buried sound bass, all these things affected the quality and the production very much and made the total sound cold and raw. Many tracks in this album deserve to be heard by the black metal fans around the world, such as the tracks "From the Depths of Desolation" and "Orgiastic Rites of Bacchanalia", these tracks actually reflect the dark musical direction of the band and show the influences of the compositions, I can easily hear the veins of Darkthrone and Nargaroth are entangling together inside the structure of this record. 


To be honest, this album is not recommended for all the extreme metal fans, because a lot of people will feel bored while listening to the hard tracks of this record, and this will happen because the lack of elements and because the absence of the dynamic melodies. There are a lot of excellent riffs that can be heard within this record, but I guess they are not enough to satisfy all the black metal fans that search for an original black metal release full of genuine touches and technics.


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