JorZine - MYRATH - Legacy

MYRATH - Legacy

Label: Edel/EarMusic

Reviewer: Mohammad Lahham - 2016-07-23

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8/10 9/10 9/10 10/10 9/10

Highlights:  Believer, Nobody's Lives, Through Your Eyes

The Orient , The place where It is filled with Magic , Sand , Endless Time and Beauty.
Myrath is An Example Of What The Orient Can Bring To The Table , And Slam It as Well !
The ( Legacy ) Album is The album where they stomp firmly on the grounds of the prog scene , It is by far their Most accessible Album to date .

The Album focuses This time on the Metal side Of the band , Rather Than The Oriental charm they used on their previous work, But sustaining The Charm nontheless.

The Intro Of The Album , Is a wonderful opener , An amazing build to even a more amazing Start !
( Believer ) Is by far one of Myrath's Best songs to date.

The song contains the fantastic charm of the orient , And the heavy Guitar riffs of the West .

Zaher knows What he is doing with his vocals on this track, and the Atmosphere in general is one cozy , oriental , 1001 nights Story teller .

The Next track ( Get Your Freedom Back ) is an example of the More Metal Side of the band mentioned Earlier .
Malik's thunderous riffs and the Bass lines Of Anis makes the song very enjoyable , while what perfects the song itself the vocals Of Zaher and especially on the chorus , He sure knows how to use his vocals into creating Catchy Chorus while the music behind him completes the Epic performance of The Vocals.

( NoBody's Lives ) is a Return into more orient charm with the intro use of the arabian atmosphere , And this is the track on the album , where Zaher Sings in both languages , English and Arabic .
and his lines In Arabic , And The Style Of the Singing Makes it Impossible to Resist Such Song , And Not in the chorus Itself only , No ..
The Use Of The Arabian Chanting Method ( Al Mawwaal ) In The Second Part Of The Song , Creates The Best Atmophere The Song And The Album In General Creates.

( The Needle ) Is where the band goes back to the Metal Side Again , But This time The Song is less Great Than The Ones Before it , It is still enjoyable but here Myrath tries hard to prove they are Also Good At Progressive Metal As they are Masters In Oriental Metal .

(Through Your Eyes ) Uses The Oriental Side With The Heavy Side In Balance , Creating A Great Anthem For The Myrath Fan base , That Be Great To Sing Live With The Audience .
And Malik's Guitar Solo On This Track Is Highly Masterful !
The Second Half Of The Album Goes More Into The Heavy Side More , but in a More Than interesting Approach Towards Melodies and  Arabian Atmosphere , With Songs Like ( I want To Die ) , ( Duat ) And ( Storm Of Lies ) .
One song In the Second Half Stand Out , and It Is The ( Endure The Silence ) Where It starts in a jazzy way to the keyboards and then enters With highly Oriental Chants , Where It Fells Like an Arabic Pop Song for a second and then goes back to the Myrath-ian Style Of Music.

A Great Finisher On the Album , (Other Side ) Could've been a better song in the middle of the album instead, and the Ending Track would've been something more oriental and symphonic !
Myrath In General Are Maturing as a band , and as musicians , Where the skills Of each Member Grows with Time into a force to be reckoned with .


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