JorZine - Fistful of Metal - Vol. 9

Fistful of Metal - Vol. 9

Label: Various

Reviewer: Battlepig Claudia - 2015-09-15

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9/10 9.5/10 9/10 9/10 8.5/10


Fistful of Metal - Vol. 9
Bands: Karne, Obscurity, Solace of Requiem, Oberion



KARNE - Faith In Flesh
By: Battlepig Claudia


KARNE are from France. In November 2014, they released their first full-length called “Faith In Flesh“ via Quality Steel Records.


They worship Black Metal. Old School tones of endless mourning and darkness surround the listener. Pitch-black worlds full of bizarre beauty and ice in the form of all in all ten songs resound off my loudspeakers. Simple structured riffs mingled with melodies melt to a dark musical mass which is straight arisen from the hell's throat. A cold shiver runs down your spine while listening. The aggressive drumming, as well as the distinctive growls, reinforce hate and hoplessness. A journey of no return, deep into the dark realms of the human soul. Very emotional and passionate in the mid tempo kept songs which rekindles the spirit of old Black Metal. Nevertheless KARNE don't copy. They absolutely have the ability to find their own sound by the game of tempo variations. They are able to do it different. They prove their variability on their “Hidden Track“. On it, you can hear instrumental music which is very spheric, in a stark contrast to the rest of the cd. Who is into Old School Black Metal should catch hold of here!!!!


Rating: 9/10



By: Battlepig Claudia


Pagan Metal also lives in Bergisches Land, Germany! OBSCURITY prove this once again with their latest trick. It is called “Vintar“ and is distributed via Trollzorn Records.


The gents offer here the finest Pagan Metal to us. Multi-variant, powerful riffs unite with a strong-willed drumming to a severe musical thunderstorm. Melodic insertions reinforce power and hardness of the production. From the first note, you are abducted into bygone times of the Old World. Mythology, legends and ancient beliefs are also in the year 2014 neither forgotten nor dead. Hosts of warriors who are prepared for new deeds roll over the country musically. You can already hear their roar in the form of vocalist Agalaz, who stands by the warriors side with dark, reedy growls from afar. And it won't fall silent. Thrilling and intense composed “Vintar“ is from the first to the last minute enthralling. OBSCURITY render homage to the Nordic gods in German language which I personally see as an advantage. On such a professionally recorded album, you distinctively pick out that there were grown musicians at work who know their craft. Who would like to hear real good Pagan Metal can't get around “Vintar“!!!!


Rating: 9,3/10



By: Battlepig Claudia


North Americans SOLACE OF REQUIEM are heart from again. Their by now fourth trick is called “Casting Ruin“ and is distributed via ViciSolum Productions.


The trio gets started immediately. Very technical Death Metal from the first to the last minute is the topic here. Seemingly chaotic arranged riffs and song structures result in a load of power and aggressiveness upon closer listening. Extreme doubleblast drumming which is strongly at the limits of a brain collapse combines with typical Death Metal structures to a vast musical mass. Brokenly traditional riffs and solos increase tension and energy up to the limit of capacity. Hardness and hate are yet reinforced by the little short of inhuman fast drumming. But, you can't only hear pure thrashing. Melodic insertions and even a very moderate drumming now and then eases the extremely tense atmosphere a little bit in order to go flat out the next moment. Peppered with Black Metal borrowings, which give the whole a scary beautiful touch and the emphatic, strong-willed growls of vocalist and bassist Jeff Sumrell. All in all, the outcome was nine songs which fix into the auditory canal. Very professional and dedicated recording here is rehashed the entire range of Death Metal. Who is into technical and very fast Death Metal can grab regardless at SOLACE OF REQUIEM!!!!


Rating: 8,9/10



OBERION - Return
By: Battlepig Claudia


OBERION are from Sweden. Founded in 2010, they put in June 2014 their first cd on the market. It is called “Return“ and was published in in-house production.


What do I hear here? Just old school Black Metal. Presented pitch-black and raw without much technical folderol. Consciously simple riffs constitute together with the (always kept in the background) emphatic doubleblast drumming the musical base frame. The listener is taken along into dark worlds of coldness and loneliness. The extremely emotional screams now and then inserted emphasize and reinforce the depressive, misanthropic character of the production. A journey deep into the human abysms. Partially halting riffs remember a bit of WATAIN. By the skillful game of tempo and some Death Metal speckles, it develops a certain alternation which highlights the production. The melancholic, dark vocals of Patric Kreutzberg yet reinforce darkness and loneliness. A very intense musical journey which makes a lasting impression on the listener. Listen to “Return“. It's worth!!!!


Rating: 8.9/10



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