JorZine - Turbulence - Disequilibrium

Turbulence - Disequilibrium

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Ahmed Ali Atteya - 2015-09-14

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Progressive Metal isn't the musical meal that you can treat as a take-away; you have to spare time, mental capacity, even moods to be able to digest into your soul. From the same artistic criteria comes "Disequilibrium" – which means the lack of stability - to lead a genuinely written and composed trip from the new stars, TURBULENCE band.


Don't let the starting track fool you that you're about to listen to a mellow, smooth Progressive album. As the 2nd track "Richardson's Nightmare" started, and I don't know why, it gave me a scent off the old school style of the gods Dream Theater. Maybe because of the vocal style, then the well timed harmony between the guitars and the keyboards, up till the minute 05:26, as the whole rate goes insane as flying through the nightmare itself. Hard hitting track it is, till the point of waking up in the end... Disoriented between if it is a happy ending or merely another phase inside the darkness?


"Never Let Me Go" is a very good track from my own point of view, but it was more suited to be a very good acoustic Rock track more than a Metal track, especially if we take into acount how heavy it is and multilayered to a point you have to re-listen over and over again to get a grip on it. It felt more like a message or a has-to-be-there kind of a piece.


Ever felt that you're listening to a Rubik's Cube? Of course not, but that's what it felt like breaking the code of "Everlasting Retribution" which is musically balanced but yet more of a mind teaser, it's like a three-way soul to soul conversation between a father who was long lost, a son who craved this man's presence all along, and a mother who is the grimmest side of it. All in all, looks like this guy put everyone's hopes down the dirt. The best part and the piece that got me to applaud like a seal is the "translation" of the whole story musically starting the minute 05:44 till the end. Perfected melodies and storytelling through riffs and juggling solos. Loved it!


By the time you reach "My Darkest Hour" you get the whole idea, a true atmosphere of not-knowingness embedded into a violently smooth state of mind, which comes clear as the flutes come in, dancing on the steadily solid performance of the keyboards. That's a track to think while listening to.


Last but not the least comes "Disequilibrium" itself, a thirteen minute long story, its narrator asks you a simple question before you start: If you see a couple of minutes from a precise stage in your future, will you be more motivated to live up to it or will it wash your sanity away? To describe music is like stating that water is a liquid: a waste of breath and a total uselessness. Enjoy your time listening to this piece and tell us what you thought. A simple hint? … it lives up to its name!


Tell the next time folks, be good and keep rocking!!





1. Hypnagogia

2. Richardson's Nightmare

3. Never Let Me Go

4. Everlasting Retribution

5. My Darkest Hour

6. Disequilibrium


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