JorZine - Coat Of Arms - A Shade Of Red

Coat Of Arms - A Shade Of Red

Label: Independent

Reviewer: Moustapha Laithy - 2015-05-06

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"A Shade of Red" was released a few days ago by COAT OF ARMS, a fine 5-piece UAE Metal band, after two years since their latest album entitled “Sun & Satellites”. They came up with an amazing mixture of many modern Metal genres, that expose professionality, quality and a unique musical approach. 


Ten tracks of -eargasmic- music, with a unique mixture of Djenty Deathcore / Metalcore , as "A Shade of Red" presents a quality time for listeners even if they are not into Metal to enjoy such music, presenting a huge variety of Deathcore/Metalcore riffs that will make you feel as if you were listening to a different band on every track. In my opinion, with such an album these guys could be labeled as the PERIPHERY of the Middle East, with such a mixing and mastering quality, as well as on their riffs, vocal parts, drumming and so on. And a hell of djenty picking techniques, polyrythming drumming that punches the core of your brain with a some sick melodies that paralyse your soul forcing you to not to take off your headphones. 


The album is opened with "Silence the sensor" a hell of djenty waves that hit your ears with a hell of cool elements used within the production of this album. Some sick digital elements are brought to get you into the idea of being digitalized. It is added by some amazing vocal techniques that show a lot of rage against the digital apocalypse that is currently ruining people's lives. 


These amazing efforts can be experienced in "Trade lie census", a five minute track that takes you through a hell of trip demonstrating what a corrupted world we're in with corporations, and slavocracy we came to. That takes you right away to the next track smoothly. It is "Where secrets remains", a small break to your ears after total mass destruction gained by the previous four tracks.


Right after "Where secrets remains", it comes a pure Metalcore track titled "Shelter", whose amazing riffs get stuck in your head, apart from its amazing melodies. I loved the vocals in it, and the hooks in between verses. And what to say about "Got the Gift"? What a trippy intro that blasts your face with a hell of riffage and drumming! If you are a big fan of WHITECHAPEL you'll feel as if you were listening to one of their tracks, modified by the COAT OF ARMS style, given the hell of odd signatures at the hook right before the second verse. Then the album goes on with three fine tracks such as "Mirrors", "The Hunt" and "Never Been Clear" that are a perfect final for the album, which is full of great music that will make you eargasm so easily. 


The album's highlights are the lovable odd signatures that blasts all the way on, and that it sticks with you for a great while listening to on a daily basis. It has an amazing riffage with a very professional drumming, that exposes a hell mixture between Djent and Deathcore / Metalcore. The album can be compared to the albums of most international bands due to its great mixing and mastering effort, that avoids you to miss even the smallest detail on a wacky speakers. It also includes new electronic elements, that have been used in a unique way. Another highlight is the great vocal work, whether the vocalist is growling or clean-singing, with amazing lyrical themes that demonstrates a lot of rage. The drumming shall also being mentioned here, since it is purely awesome. I loved how the snare is used all the way, and drum mixing is damn good. All the sounds are mixed perfectly. And the most important: this is new music to be heard within the Middle East, with a unique approach. 


Anyway, it also has some weaknesses. The vocal techniques, despite being very good, are a bit similar to each other on the different tracks. I would've prefered that all of those amazing techniques have been distributed on the album fairly. However, the vocal lines are well suited with the music and that is perfect. The album also needs more drumming, more elements to be thrown, something more djenty with more syncopation and more polyrythms. 


"A Shade of Red" is an album that you must listen to. Even if "-core" doesn't fit in your taste, I'm pretty sure you will find a lot of what you like. Amazing job guys!


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